28% of members voted against Labour in the Euros, LabourList poll finds

Sienna Rodgers

28% of Labour members voted against their own party in the recent European elections, a LabourList poll has found.

In our latest survey, over 32% of 9,286 respondents said they voted against Labour in the national election, while nearly 65% said they didn’t vote against Labour.

The figure for those who voted against Labour was slightly less but still high for those survey respondents who identified themselves as members – at 28.4%.

A total of 3% readers chose the ‘not applicable’ option, suggesting they could not vote in the elections.

The finding comes amid renewed criticism from large pro-EU parts of Labour’s membership and activist base, with many calling on Jeremy Corbyn to shift the party towards a firmly anti-Brexit stance.

A recent YouGov poll found that 41% of Labour members voted for a party other than Labour in the European elections, with 19% opting for the Greens and a further 15% supporting the Liberal Democrats.

Its sample size of 2,189 Labour members was smaller than that of the latest LabourList latest survey, which attracted 7,650 self-identified members, though ours is self-selected and unweighted.

Did you vote against Labour in the European elections?


  1. No – and I’m a Labour member – 59% (5,477)
  2. Yes – and I’m a Labour member – 23.4% (2,173)
  3. Yes – and I’m not a Labour member –  8.9% (829)
  4. No – and I’m not a Labour member – 5.7% (533)
  5. N/A – 3% (274)


  1. No – and I’m a Labour member – 71.6% (5,477)
  2. Yes – and I’m a Labour member – 28.4% (2,173)

The survey was open from 11am on Sunday 2nd June until 6pm on Monday 3rd June. Thank you to all 9,286 readers who took part. Read the full results here.

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