WATCH: December 12th election date “really odd”, says Corbyn

Sienna Rodgers

Jeremy Corbyn has described December 12th as a “really odd” date for the next general election, while reiterating Labour’s position that it will only back a poll once no deal has been “taken off the table”.

Boris Johnson has announced that he wants MPs to vote in favour of holding an early general election on December 12th, and threatened to stop the passage of the Brexit bill if they refuse to approve the idea next week.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the Labour leader said: “The 12th December date is really odd for many reasons. There’s lots of things very odd about that date.” He specified that it was near to Christmas and university terms will have ended.

When asked by Richard Madeley whether that meant Labour would only support a post-December election, Corbyn replied: “Maybe before December 12th. I don’t know what the date is going to end up being.”

The SNP has called for an election on December 5th, as long as the threat of no deal has been ruled out. The party has told Johnson to “stop playing games”.

On the chances of Labour voting in favour of an election, Corbyn said: “I hope the EU grants an extension. We’re going to know later today or maybe over the weekend, they do have long meetings in Brussels I’ve learnt at my cost over the past four years. But my position is we’ve got to get no deal taken off the table first.”

He added: “Providing the Prime Minister comes to parliament on Monday and makes it absolutely clear he is going to make sure that there is no crash out – because his deal includes a no deal exit… If he comes on Monday and says that, then ok.”

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