WATCH: Lisa Nandy confirms she will vote for deal at second reading

Labour backbencher Lisa Nandy has confirmed that she will vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on its second reading in parliament, which is expected to take place on Tuesday.

Appearing on BBC’s Politics Live, the MP for Wigan said MPs “can’t continue to justify” refusing to debate the substance of the withdrawal agreement, including proposals such as a customs union and another referendum.

“I’ll certainly support the bill at second reading, but the big question is what next?” she told the BBC. She went on to say that she thought the government did have the numbers to get the deal through at that stage, though warned “don’t ever underestimate their ability to mess this up”.

But Nandy also intends to support a customs unions amendment, and that is why she wants to “get into the detail of this bill” – which would follow after passing it at second reading. If a customs union proposal was successfully attached to the deal, the government may drop the legislation entirely.

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