WATCH: Corbyn cheered as he rules out coalition with “any pro-austerity party”

Jeremy Corbyn ruled out the possibility of going into coalition with the Liberal Democrats or “any of the pro-austerity parties” after delivering a speech on Labour’s broadband plans today.

Speaking of the “horrors brought in by the coalition government”, the Labour leader said:  “It’s not up for negotiation. We’re fighting this election to win it, to end austerity in Britain and to bring hope to the people of this country.

“We’re not going into coalition with any of the pro-austerity parties. In fact, we’re not planning to go into coalition with anybody. We’re planning to win this election on our manifesto for Labour.”

Corbyn was cheered by Labour supporters in the room at the press conference as he answered the question put forward by Italian journalist Antonello Guerrera on the chances of a “non-aggression pact” with Jo Swinson’s party.

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