WATCH: Labour candidate suggests Corbyn would back soft Brexit

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who is standing for Labour in Brighton Kemptown, suggested today that Jeremy Corbyn would back a Brexit deal if it met the six tests set out by the party in 2017.

Talking about the Labour leader’s Brexit position on BBC 5 Live, Russell-Moyle said: “His view and the party’s policy is pretty sensible, that we will negotiate a deal.

“If that deal manages to meet our six tests that we laid out at the last election, we will of course say to the people and Jeremy will probably say that is the one that he will go for.

“If it doesn’t manage to meet those tests, it will still be a Leave deal… And we will back remaining. But the assessment has to be done when that customs union/single market deal arrangement is on the table.

“Now, my view is – of course – that even if it was a customs union/single market arrangement, Remain would be better. With all referendums, individual MPs are allowed to take their own view.

“But Jeremy has said he will make his judgment when all the facts are on the table… He will then make a clear statement to the public.”

When Emma Barnett pointed out that Russell-Moyle had “enlightened” listeners, the anti-Brexit Labour candidate replied: “Maybe inadvertently.” He later added: “That is probably me extrapolating without confirmation.”

Corbyn has not yet set out under which conditions he would back either Leave or Remain in a fresh referendum held under a Labour government.

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