Rayner says she could back a Labour Brexit deal

Sienna Rodgers

Angela Rayner, often tipped as a future party leadership contender, revealed that she could back a Labour-negotiated Brexit deal on BBC’s Question Time on Monday evening.

Asked about the percentage of shadow cabinet members who would back Leave in a fresh referendum, such as that proposed by Labour, the Shadow Education Secretary replied: “I’ve not had a straw poll myself of the shadow cabinet.”

BBC host Emma Barnett then put to her that 94% of the shadow cabinet would support Remain in a second public vote according to public statements so far. Rayner said: “Well, I never took part in that poll.”

The Labour frontbencher then elaborated: “People think we’re trying to stop Brexit. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We’ve not been in government. We’ve tried to work with government…

“I’d like to see what the deal is that we get. But if we gets a deal that protects our economy and jobs, then I would vote for Brexit because that’s what people wanted and I represent my constituency.

“But it has to be a deal that doesn’t put jobs and the economy at risk in my constituency. That is my red line.”

On the programme specifically aimed at voters under 30 years of age, Rayner also had a heated debate with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in which she called him a “disgrace”. Her comments prompted applause.

In a clip that has been widely shared in Labour circles on social media, Rayner was asked by Barnett: “Will you nationalise sausages?” The Labour representative had been talking about climate change. She replied: “No.”

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