Labour Campaign for International Development backs Starmer for leader

The Labour Campaign for International Development has decided to nominate Keir Starmer to be the next leader of the Labour Party.

The Labour-affiliated group said that the candidate “has been a tireless advocate of human rights and a brilliant supporter of internationalism and international cooperation”.

The announcement from LCID follows a vote by the organisation’s executive, which it says was guided by a survey of its members.

In the questionnaire, members were asked a series of questions about the leadership candidates in relation to different policy areas, and what LCID should be prioritising.

55% of the survey respondents chose Starmer when asked: “Which leadership candidate do you most identify with on international issues?”

Commenting on the declaration, Starmer said: “I’m really pleased to have received LCID’s nomination and will stand with you to ensure DFID retains its departmental independence and that we hold the government to their commitment to honour the 0.7% target.

“Britain should be leading the struggle for human rights, tackling inequality and taking on the climate emergency. If I am elected leader of the Labour Party I will ensure that we build on our proud international development record and that we lead the fight for a more just and peaceful world.”

LCID announced that it would be supporting Rosena Allin-Khan for the deputy position at the end of last month.

The campaign group said she that has “dedicated her life to helping others both here as a doctor in our NHS, and overseas doing humanitarian aid work with the world’s most vulnerable”.

Each leadership hopeful needs nominations from 5% of constituency Labour parties – a total of 33 – or from three affiliates, including two trade unions, comprising 5% of affiliated membership.

The only candidate who has not yet secured her place in the final round of the leadership contest is Emily Thornberry.

The deadline for CLPs and affiliated organisations to submit their nominations in the leadership contests is February 14th.

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