Labour Campaign for International Development backs Rosena Allin-Khan

The Labour Campaign for International Development has announced that it is “proud” to be nominating Rosena Allin-Khan as a Labour deputy leadership candidate today.

In a tweet, LCID said of Allin-Khan: “After a tough upbringing, she’s dedicated her life to helping others, both here as a doctor in our NHS, and overseas doing humanitarian aid work with the world’s most vulnerable.”

As a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, LCID has official nomination powers in the leadership contests currently underway – though it has not yet cast a nomination for a leadership candidate.

LCID, which launched in 2009, campaigns in favour of “a ‘whole government’ approach to global justice” and “a progressive approach to humanitarian intervention”, as well as for the UK to “spend 0.7% of GNI on aid”.

Responding to the fresh endorsement, Allin-Khan said: “I am hugely proud and honoured to be nominated for deputy leader by the Labour Campaign for International Development.

“As someone who has worked as an humanitarian doctor in conflict zones across the world, their progressive approach to international development and promotion of global justice is an inspiration.

“My priority will always be to put human rights and international solidarity at the core of everything I do. Human life should have equal value, no matter where someone comes from.

“These principles shouldn’t just apply to our international development policies, they should be applied to everything we do as the Labour Party.

“I want to thank the Labour Campaign for International Development for their support and their endorsement. Let’s take Labour forward, together.”

Allin-Khan cannot make it to the final stage of the race via the affiliates route, which requires the support of at least one large trade union. Unite, UNISON, GMB, Usdaw and CWU have already nominated other candidates.

The Tooting MP will have to gain nominations from at least 5% of Labour’s local parties – a total of 33. She has been nominated by eight CLPs so far.

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