Society of Labour Lawyers backs Starmer and Rayner in leadership elections

The Society of Labour Lawyers has nominated Keir Starmer to be the next leader of the Labour Party alongside Angela Rayner as deputy.

After balloting its members, the Labour-affiliated organisation announced today that the two candidates would be receiving its nomination.

The society used a preferential voting system for the vote with the first candidate to receive 50% of the vote declared the winner.

Starmer reached the 50% threshold in the first round while the deputy contest went to the fourth round of counting.

The society did not nominate a candidate in either the 2015 or 2016 Labour leadership elections.

Rayner tweeted following the announcement and said: “Thank-you so much to @SocLabLaw for nominating me as deputy leader of the Labour Party l really appreciate the support.”

Camden MP Starmer also took to social media to express his gratitude for the nomination and said: “Really appreciate your support and the brilliant work you do.”

Each leadership hopeful needs nominations from 5% of constituency Labour parties – a total of 33 – or from three affiliates, including two trade unions, comprising 5% of affiliated membership.

All of the deputy candidates have made it onto the ballot. The only leadership contender who has not yet secured her place in the final round is Emily Thornberry.

The deadline for CLPs and affiliated organisations to submit their nominations in the leadership contests is February 14th.

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