Together, we will produce a genuinely bold and radical manifesto for London

Labour’s mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is now seeking a mandate for a crucial second term, and is drawing on the experience and knowledge of members, affiliates, councillors and supporters in shaping the manifesto that we will fight the election on. At Labour conference in Brighton last September, Sadiq asked for ideas about what the manifesto for the London elections on May 7th should look like.

He knows that elected politicians do not have a monopoly on great ideas and that the broadest possible discussion about policy is essential when developing a vision for our city – not only for the next four years, but for the long-term future of London.

The general election result was a disaster for our party. We now need to show Londoners that Labour will keep fighting but also keep learning, and is willing to offer innovative solutions to the real issues that they face in their lives – whether that’s addressing the housing crisis, providing support for businesses to grow, or improving air quality for our children.

Over the last few months we’ve seen the biggest and broadest consultation we’ve ever embarked on in London. Today, representatives from CLPs, Labour affiliates, trade unions, London Labour MPs, councillors, Labour Assembly members and our London regional executive came together to take part in a full day of policy workshops and discussions at our London policy forum.

Throughout the day participants engaged in vibrant discussions on issues from housing and community safety to transport, environment and more – putting forward their ideas to help create a manifesto that will benefit all Londoners.

The discussions at the workshops will shape the manifesto and ensure that we build on the hard work Sadiq has already undertaken as mayor since 2016 – standing up for Londoners and proving what Labour can do in power.

The council estate boy and son of a bus driver, Sadiq is standing up for Londoners. He has kept his promise to make commuting more affordable by freezing fares and introducing the unlimited hopper fare. He has been tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime – investing in our community and sports projects to create more opportunities for young Londoners and helping to fund 1,300 extra police by increasing council tax by 26p a week.

London gave Sadiq the opportunities to go from the council estate where he grew up to being mayor of the greatest city on earth. Now he is working hard to ensure all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to him.

With Boris Johnson in charge at Westminster, it’s never been more important to have Sadiq in City Hall to help campaign against Tory cuts and fight for the rights of EU citizens.

As chair of Sadiq’s campaign, I’d like to thank all those who are helping to shape the manifesto through their ideas and contributions. I have no doubt that together, we will produce a genuinely bold and radical manifesto that we can all proudly campaign for in the run up to May 7th. You can register for an early vote in the London mayoral elections here.

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