WATCH: Starmer says he won’t preempt outcome of leaked dossier investigation

Keir Starmer has declared that he will not “preempt the outcome” of the new independent probe into a leaked internal report on Labour’s handling of antisemitism.

In an interview with Sky News today, the Labour leader was asked whether he was prepared to expel people from the party who were apparently undermining his predecessor.

He refused to answer, saying: “I have set it up. I want it to be speedy. And I’ll obviously look at the result when we get it. But I am not going to preempt that.”

An internal party report was leaked over the weekend, describing alleged mishandling of disciplinary cases and attempts by members of Labour staff to undermine the then leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Following the release of the 851-page document, Starmer committed to commissioning an “urgent independent investigation” into the background, the content and the way in which the report has been released into the public domain.

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