Labour must turn up the volume. We can’t let these Tories off the hook

Manuel Cortes
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I used to think that failing Chris Grayling was one of a kind – an aberration. But watching the shower that now passes for our government, it appears that incompetence is now a requirement to be a minister. It seems to have become part of the Tory DNA. U-turn after U-turn, lurching from one fiasco to the next whilst giving their chums jobs and contracts without transparency or proper scrutiny is what they do best.

Not to mention the terrible mess the Tories have made of handling all aspects of our health emergency, which has sadly cost many lives. As the harsh economic reality of a coronavirus-created economic crisis starts to bite, their plans to end the job retention scheme in October, as Germany extends theirs, is yet another pending Tory disaster. Put simply, these clowns are simply not fit to be in a circus, never mind govern.

Should we be surprised by their breathtaking incompetence? Frankly, no. Few if any of those in government have been chosen for office because of their abilities. Instead, it’s their loyalty to the jester-in-chief, Boris Johnson, that really counts. Just imagine a Labour government performing even half as badly as this band of dimwits. The media would be all over them like a rash; calls for ministers to fall on their sword would be deafening. But, on the whole, the worst government in living memory is getting an easy ride from their media chums.

We are going to have to make much more noise and continue organising against them so that everyone knows just how bad and incompetent this Tory lot really are. And we should take real heart from the fact that, when confronted, they cave in. They are weak. Just look at their U-turn over exam results after our youngsters took them on. Of course, many other changes of direction have been forced on the Tories by Team Labour.

But it’s time for our party to turn up the volume. Asking incompetent ministers to go is not an old fashion trait – it’s a necessary part of being a credible opposition. Our frontbench must take off their gloves and land some killer blows. This lot are there for the taking and we simply can’t let them off the hook.

I’m sure the majority of the British public don’t want to see their government fail at a time of a health emergency and a looming economic crisis. Perhaps they are more prepared than usual to give ministers the benefit of the doubt. But when government descends into an incompetent shambles, as it now has, the job of the opposition is to sink it without trace or mercy.

This needs to be our mission between now and the next general election, whenever that comes. We must gain the trust of the British people by showing them, not just that we are competent, but that we have a better vision for our country’s future and that we are prepared to fight for it at every turn. Let’s all put our shoulders to the wheel to end this sad Tory circus.

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