WATCH: “We’ve got to stand up for the rule of law,” says Ed Miliband

Labour’s Ed Miliband has said “we’ve got to stand up for the rule of law” and confirmed that Labour will be voting against the internal market bill at its second reading in parliament today.

The opposition frontbencher told Sky News: “We’re going to vote against the bill today in the House of Commons. We’re going to make strong arguments about why it needs to change.

“We hope other people will join us. This isn’t about Remain or Leave – that argument has been settled… We’ve left the European Union. We accept we lost the general election on those issues.”

He added: “I hope Conservative MPs will join us. I don’t think this is a party political issue, I think this is uniting people across the political spectrum that says ‘we’ve got to stand up for the rule of law’.”

On whether Labour will back Tory MP Bob Neill’s amendment to the bill, Miliband said: “We’re going to look at that… That might be a way forward. I’d prefer we just got rid of the clauses breaching international law.”

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