Results released in NEC, national policy forum, youth and student wing elections

Elliot Chappell

Results have been released by the party in a series of internal elections to determine who sits on the national executive committee (NEC), the national policy forum (NPF), the Young Labour national committee (YL) and the national Labour students committee (NLSC).

Luke Akehurst, Gurinder Singh Josan and Johanna Baxter have been returned to the NEC alongside Abdi Duale – increasing the pro-Keir Starmer slate Labour to Win’s representation in the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) section to four. Duale is the first Black man to be elected to the NEC.

Left-wing candidate Mish Rahman lost his seat but Momentum-backed Yasmine Dar, Gemma Bolton and Jess Barnard each secured a place on the party’s governing body in the CLP rep section. They are also joined by left-candidate Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Open Labour backed Ann Black.

Labour to Win-backed Caroll Sewell was re-elected as NEC BAME representative. Elsie Greenwood, also on the pro-Starmer slate, beat Lara McNeill to secure the youth rep position. In the Welsh rep contest, former Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones was elected over left-backed candidate Lynne Jones.

A source on Labour’s left said that “some decline was inevitable” in response to the results being released, but added that “four left-wingers in the CLP rep section – level-pegging with the right – is very respectable, and a sign that the left remains a substantial force at the grassroots”.

Luke Akehurst, of the Labour to Win slate, told LabourList: “I am personally delighted to have topped the poll for the second time… It’s fantastic that my Labour to Win incumbent colleagues Johanna and Gurinder were reelected and that we’re being joined by Abdi Duale.”

He added: “This has been an important political and organisational victory for Labour to Win and the politics that we represent. It is an exciting time to be a Labour activist and to represent the party on the NEC.”

“The country faces terrifying economic and social challenges. The opinion polls show that Labour is poised to return to government at the next general election. But there is a long way still to go and a huge amount of work to get Labour back where it should have been in government. The new NEC is the right NEC to support Keir in that crucial but incredibly difficult task.”

Momentum claimed a victory in the Young Labour (YL) elections and said that “while retaining a strong left presence on Labour’s NEC, the left has swept the board in Young Labour’s elections, laying the groundwork for future victories”.

Momentum-backed Nabeela Mowlana, who was elected as chair of YL this evening, said: “From sky-high debts to rising rents, insecure work to the climate crisis, young people are on the sharp edge of today’s broken economy.

“If Labour is to build a winning electoral coalition, we cannot leave young people on the sidelines. We urgently need to offer a transformative programme for change that rises to meet the challenges young people face.

“Under my leadership, Young Labour will continue to be a loud voice and campaigning force in Labour and beyond – fighting for a socialist alternative to this failed Tory government. The future will be socialist.”

Momentum won a majority of positions on the national Labour students committee and Open Labour-backed Ben McGowan was elected chair as the ‘soft-left’ group saw all of its candidates successful in their bids to be elected on to the committee of the new Labour students organisation.

Below are all those elected in the national executive committee (NEC) elections.

AKEHURST Luke – elected 1st Round
BARNARD Jessica – elected 1st Round
BAXTER Johanna – elected 2nd Round
BOLTON Gemma – elected 3rd Round
BLACK Ann – elected 4th Round
DAR Yasmine – elected 14th Round
DUALE Abdi -elected 12th round
JOSAN Gurinder Singh – elected 15th Round
WIMBORNE-IDRISSI Naomi – elected 14th Round

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) members’ rep: Carol Sewell
Youth rep: Elsie Greenwood
Welsh rep: Carwyn Jones

Below are all those elected in the Young Labour national committee elections.

Chair: Nabeela Mowlana

BAME officer: Lubaba Khalid
Disabled members’ officer: Aisha Malik-Smith
International officer: Mohammad Suhail
LGBT officer: Katherine Harlow
Women’s officer: Sarina Kiayani
YL under-18s’ rep: Ralph Ali

East Midlands rep: Fraser McGuire
Eastern rep: Owen Hooper
London rep: Hasan Patel
North West rep: Chloe Field
Northern rep: Lauren Howells
South East rep: Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady
South West rep: Daisy Carter
West Midlands rep: Sam Hackney
Yorkshire and Humber rep: Jawad Khan

Below are all those elected in the national policy forum elections.

East of England region CLP reps
Rachel Garnham
Richard Howitt
Alex Mayer
Shahid Nadeem

London region
Callum Anderson
Rachel Blake
Rezina Choudhury
Sara Conay

North West region
Elsie Blundell
Sam Corcoran
Nathalie Nicholas
Clair Reid

North region
Rochelle Charlton-Lane
Michelle Fox
Denise Robson
Anna Turley

Anna Dyer
Stuart McLennan
Ritchie Brook
Imogen Walker

South East region
Parmjit Dhanda
Duncan Enright
Naushabah Khan
Sharon Mintoff

South West region
Chris Cuddihee
Jude Robinson
Matthew Williams
Judy Wilson

Dawn McGuiness
Sam Pritchard
Sian Taylor
Zoe Allen

West Midlands region
Teresa Beddis
Jack Deakin
Saheed Khan
Kindy Sandhu

Yorkshire and Humber region
Lisa Banes
Hasnain Khan
Julia Suzanne Rocket
Alice Smart

East of England region (youth)
Hollie Wright

North West region (youth)
Maximilian Czekalski

North region (youth)
Lauren Howells

Scotland (youth)
Samuel Etchells

Wales (youth)
Dylan Lewis-Rowlads

Yorkshire and Humber region (youth)
Jack Ballingham

Below are those elected in the national Labour students committee (NLSC) elections.

Chair: Ben McGowan

Ordinary representatives: Zachary Bates Fisher, Emma Bean, Hareem Ghani, Kieran Kavanagh, Lizzy Olley and Cai Parry

Secretary: Jonathan Heywood
Vice-chair: Fabiha Askari
BAME officer: Elilee Arulkumar
Disabled students officer: Moya O’Rourke
LGBT+ officer: Kieron Warren
Trans officer: Alex Charilaou
Women’s officer: Lola Fayokun

Scotland representative: Solomon Cuthbertson
South West representative: Daniel Chappel
West Midlands representative: Lily Soaper
Yorkshire & Humber representative: Eleanor Falshaw

Full results are available here, here, here and here.

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