‘From the flag to the white cliffs, Labour must embrace the symbols of Britain’

Mike Tapp
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As the Labour Party, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture in our nation’s history. It is not only an opportune moment to reaffirm our commitment to the values we hold dear, but also to reclaim the British flag and iconic symbols from the far-right fringes that have attempted to monopolise them. It’s clear that Keir Starmer has embraced this and we, as a party, must continue to move in the right direction with him.

Resist co-option by the far right

Over the years, far-right groups have attempted to appropriate the British flag and iconic symbols for their own divisive and exclusionary agendas. This hijacking of our national identity has left many of us feeling uncomfortable with displaying these symbols in our campaigning, fearing that it might be misconstrued as aligning with extremist ideologies.

As a government-in-waiting, we must firmly reject this false narrative. The British flag and iconic symbols do not belong to any particular group; they belong to the entire British public. Our task is to reclaim them and restore their true meaning as unifying symbols that represent the diversity, inclusivity, and shared values of our nation.

Labour serves the British public and must assert that commitment

As we march forward, it is essential to remember that our purpose as representatives in parliament is to serve the British public. We are committed to being the voice of all citizens, regardless of their backgrounds or political affiliations. By embracing the British flag and iconic symbols in our campaigning, we are not endorsing any extremist agenda; rather the opposite, we are asserting our commitment and dedication to the welfare of every individual within the United Kingdom.

I take pride in my quest to represent the British public and the people of Dover and Deal, and that includes embracing the white cliffs of Dover as a symbol of unity, hope, and the enduring spirit of our people.

We must be proud of our history and symbols

The cliffs, like the British flag, hold deep cultural significance and should never be associated with right wing ideologies. From the Battle of Britain to Vera Lynn, these iconic cliffs stand as a symbol of the resilience and strength that have carried Britain through its history. They remind us that, just as the cliffs have weathered countless storms, so too will our nation endure and emerge stronger from any challenges it faces.

Let us reclaim these iconic symbols with a renewed sense of purpose. Our aim is to rekindle a refreshed vision of national pride that transcends divisive ideologies and by using these symbols in our campaigning, we assert wholeheartedly that Labour represents a unified Britain.

We will not let the far-right define the narrative of our nation. Instead, we will showcase the true spirit of the British people, one that is characterised by diversity, tolerance, and the pursuit of justice.

As we move forward, remember that the British flag and iconic symbols belong to the people, not to any particular ideology.

We are, and must continue to be, dedicated to reclaiming and restoring the rightful meaning of our national symbols. Together, we are building a future that is grounded in inclusivity, respect, and solidarity. Let us proudly continue to wave the British flag and embrace our iconic symbols, not as a sign of division, but as a testament to our collective determination to create a better, brighter, and more united vision for our United Kingdom.

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