‘Here’s 20 things I’ve achieved as London mayor – despite this Tory government’

Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan
Photo: London Labour

As the mayoral election officially kicks off, there has never been a starker choice for Londoners at the ballot box – my positive vision to build a fairer, safer and greener London for everyone, or the Tory candidate who would take our city backwards.

I’ll be spending every day until the election talking to Londoners about my record and what I’ll continue to deliver as Mayor, including: free school meals, a TfL fares freeze, record numbers of new council homes, action on the climate crisis, record investment to tackle crime and the causes of crime, and work to unite our communities.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, and that’s despite this Tory Government. Over the next year, we can go from rowing against the tide of a Tory Government to having the winds of a Labour Government at our backs. A Labour Government and a Labour Mayor of London, in power, at the same time, would be a game changer for our city.

Here are some of the things I’ve achieved so far:

Free school meals

All state primary school pupils in London are now receiving free school meals — ensuring no child goes hungry in the classroom and saving parents up to £1,000 per child over the next two years.

Fares frozen again

While national rail fares continue to rise, I stepped in to freeze TfL fares until March 2025 — giving Londoners much-needed respite from the cost-of-living crisis. This is the fifth time I have frozen fares as Mayor — saving Londoners hundreds of pounds.

A golden era of council housebuilding

More council homes are now being built than at any time since the 1970s, with a tenfold increase since Labour took back City Hall.

More police on the streets

In the face of massive Tory cuts to policing, I have taken action to protect the frontline — funding an additional 1,300 police officers from City Hall’s budget, taking police officer numbers to record highs and restoring neighbourhood policing in London’s communities.

Providing 500,000 positive opportunities for London’s young people

I have invested record sums in youth services — not only to tackle the causes of crime, but to ensure that all young Londoners can fulfil their potential. The constructive activities I’m funding are helping to steer young people away from gangs and violence and towards education and employment.

Keeping London moving

As the son of a bus driver, my commitment to public transport has always been unwavering. As Mayor, I’ve got the The Superloop, the Night Tube and the Elizabeth Line all up and running — making it easier, faster and more sustainable for Londoners to move around the greatest city in the world.
I have also introduced Off peak Fridays – making it cheaper to travel on Fridays, saving Londoners money and encouraging them to enjoy all London has to offer.

The Hopper

Hundreds of millions of journeys have been made with the highly popular Hopper bus fare I introduced — making transport more affordable for millions of Londoners. The popular policy allows Londoners to make unlimited journeys on buses and trams for just £1.75 within an hour of tapping in.

Record affordable housebuilding

There’s more to do, but on my watch overall housebuilding in London has reached levels not seen since the 1930s, with a record-breaking 25,000 genuinely affordable homes delivered in the last year alone.

Standing up for renters

I have consistently fought the corner of London’s renters — calling for rent controls, better rights and protections, and has battled for stronger action to be taken against unscrupulous landlords who fail to ensure their properties meet basic safety standards.
To help renters steer clear of dodgy landlords, I also introduced the rogue landlord checker, which has been used hundreds of thousands of times by Londoners.

World-leading action to tackle air pollution and the climate emergency

I have introduced the world’s largest clean air zone and helped to cut toxic air pollution by nearly half in central London. I also launched a £500 million fund to finance clean energy projects and create green jobs.

More than 1,400 zero-emission buses on London’s roads

I have rapidly expanded London’s fleet of green buses, with the capital now boasting more than any other city in Western Europe. I also delivered a 170% increase in the number of public electric vehicle charge points, with London now boasting more than 11,000 — a third of the UK’s total.

Half a million trees planted

I have prioritised protecting and expanding London’s green spaces, planting more than half a million trees and creating or restoring the equivalent of more than 300 football pitches of habitat for London’s wildlife.

Encouraging cycling and boosting infrastructure

I have delivered a fivefold increase in protected cycling lanes—helping more Londoners to feel safe and confident in swapping four wheels for two. I have promoted active travel policies, including walking and cycling, that benefit the health of people and our planet.

Helping London’s homeless community

I have quadrupled City Hall’s rough-sleeping budget, helping more than 16,000 people off London’s streets. I also delivered more than a thousand long-term homes for rough sleepers, which are helping some of London’s most vulnerable citizens rebuild their lives.

Most pro-business Mayor ever

I have never stopped banging the drum for London as the best place in the world to invest, start and scale-up a business. I have worked flat out to attract jobs, talent and tourism to our city, backing firms large and small to kick-start London’s recovery after the pandemic and create growth, opportunities and prosperity for our communities.

330,000 new jobs created through City Hall initiatives

Working in partnership with the private sector, I used the power of the Mayoralty to help create 330,000 new jobs in London, with a focus on secure, high-quality, well-paid jobs that enable Londoners to get on. As part of this effort, I have proudly championed the London Living Wage, which has increased by 40% since I took office.

A mentor for every young Londoner in need

To help young people get the guidance and support they need to make the right choices in life, I am funding a flagship mentorship programme across the city. This is giving young Londoners extra assistance so they can make the most of their talents. 70,000 young Londoners in need are now being supported by a mentor.

Skilling-up Londoners

I have introduced a major new skills offer for the capital, with free training now available to any Londoner aged 19 and over who is unemployed, on a low income or has limited formal education. I have also helped more than a million learners access courses through his adult skills programmes, equipping Londoners with the knowledge and qualifications they need to get into good work.

Leading the way on police reform

After a series of scandals, I took decisive action to put the Metropolitan Police on a path of far-reaching systemic and cultural reform, with the appointment of a new Commissioner.
I am determined to root out the institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia that still exists and will not rest until all Londoners have a police force that is representative, trusted and truly fit for purpose.

Defending London’s values

I have always stood up for London’s values of openness, equality and inclusion. While others have tried to divide our city’s communities, I have worked tirelessly to unite people because I believe diversity is a strength, not a weakness, and that I have a responsibility to lead by example in building bridges, not walls.

Whether it’s advocating for the rights of EU citizens, being an ally to LGBTQI+ Londoners, or celebrating the contribution of all our faith communities, I have never shied away from upholding London’s values.

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