Is this picture of Shaun Bailey photoshopped?

March 18, 2009 12:54 pm


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From LabourListShaun Bailey

This image, from Hammersmith Tory candidate Shaun Bailey, shows him shaking hands with council leader Stephen Greenhalgh – the new poster boy for hard-right, service-cutting Tories in local government – with other local Tory councillors. He is, according to the leaflet, “congratulating Tory councillors” on cutting council tax.

But look more closely – doesn’t Shaun Bailey look unusually tall? He looks to be over a foot taller than Cllr Greenhalgh, but in the image below it appears that they’re roughly the same height.

Unless Shaun Bailey has mysteriously grown to be about 7 feet tall, it looks like something odd’s going on.

Look again at Greenhalgh and Bailey’s hands in their handshake in the top photo. On closer inspection, it looks like Cllr Greenhalgh’s hand oddly changes colour where it meets Mr Bailey’s.

Would a better photoshopper have used the blur tool more effectively?

We already know that the Tories have previous when it comes to amending History to suit their own agenda, so if someone amongst Hammersmith’s Conservatives could just confirm that this photo is genuine we’d appreciate it.

Or did their parliamentary candidate get photoshopped into an event he couldn’t be bothered to attend?

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