Which marginal seats are up for selection?

1st February, 2011 12:01 pm

By Mark Ferguson / @markfergusonuk

At the last NEC meeting, it was announced that 26 non-Labour held marginals in the South and Midlands would be the first to select their parliamentary candidates. These seats will be filled using a new selection procedure, involving self-nomination, with shortlisting locally by a Selection Committee elected by the CLP Executive. The final decision will be taken by local members.

25 of the 26 seats are Tory held, with majorities ranging from just 92 in Thurrock to 6304 in Burton on Trent. Thirteen of the selections will be conducted by all-women shortlist (AWS).

The selection that is likely to be most hotly contested is Charles Clarke’s old seat in Norwich South, which is held by the Lib Dems with a majority of just 310.

The full list of all of the seats up for selection, including their majority, and the name and party of the sitting MP, can be found below.

Seat Majority Currently party Current MP AWS?
Thurrock 92 Conservative Jackie Doyle-Price Y
Norwich South 310 Lib Dem Simon Wright N
Waveney 769 Conservative Peter Aldous N
Lincoln 1,058 Conservative Karl McCartney Y
Stroud 1,299 Conservative Neil Carmichael N
Brighton Kemptown 1,328 Conservative Simon Kirby Y
Bedford 1,353 Conservative Richard Fuller N
Hove 1,868 Conservative Mike Weatherley N
Northampton North 1,936 Conservative Michael Ellis Y
Corby 1,951 Conservative Louise Bagshawe N
Hastings and Rye 1,993 Conservative Amber Rudd Y
Ipswich 2,079 Conservative Ben Gummer N
Worcester 2,982 Conservative Robin Walker Y
Warwick and Leamington 3,513 Conservative Chris White N
Swindon South 3,544 Conservative Robert Buckland Y
Stevenage 3,578 Conservative Stephen McPartland Y
Loughborough 3,744 Conservative Nicky Morgan N
Peterborough 4,861 Conservative Stewart Jackson Y
Harlow 4,925 Conservative Robert Halfon Y
Milton Keynes South 5,201 Conservative Iain Stewart N
Dover 5,274 Conservative Charlie Elphicke Y
Redditich 5,821 Conservative Karen Lumley TBC
Crawley 5,928 Conservative Henry Smith N
Reading West 6,004 Conservative Alok Sharma Y
Chatham and Aylesford 6,069 Conservative Tracey Crouch N
Burton on Trent 6,304 Conservative Andrew Griffiths TBC


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