Edwina Currie makes more friends…

19th November, 2011 2:55 pm

Former Tory Minister Edwina Currie has certainly been busy in the last few weeks. First she said that people didn’t need to choose between heating and eating in the 21st century, for which she was later taken to task by Owen Jones. Now she’s gone on the attack against wealthy pensioners who wish to pass on their winter fuel allowance to charity, and clashed with agony aunt Denise Robertson in a rather unusual interview:

  • Anonymous

    I think she is right on this….

  • Bob Brick

    @treborc:disqus I hope that you , unlike Edwina Currie, have come to that conclusion at least  having looked into all the facts. For example the ‘community foundation’ is not one single entity but in fact 56 separate charitable organisations. They are all based and working in their local communities. They are not ‘sitting’ on £200 million but investing it in order to give out millions of pounds every year, year in year out (the money is largely in endowments) and in fact last year gave out £74 million via around 25,000 grants. If you have made you mind up knowing that and not just listening to the incorrect ramblings of someone so out of touch she also proclaimed that no one in the UK has to choose between food and fuel, then  at least you have bothered to learn the facts and given your opinion. I believe you are wrong but I respect your research and thought process to get to that conclusion.


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