Quickfire selection process for Feltham and Heston revealed

November 23, 2011 10:12 am

Following the untimely death of Alan Keen last week, the Labour Party has set in place a quickfire selection process to choose Labour’s candidate for Feltham and Heston. This speedy selection will only intensify the suspicion that we’re about to get a pre-Christmas by-election. The timetable for the selection is:

– CVs must be sent by email no later than 5pm on Thursday November 24th.

– Longlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview with the NEC by-election panel in London on Friday November 25th. The by-election panel will decide upon a shortlist of prospective candidates.

– Local members will be able to choose their candidate from the shortlist on Sunday November 27th.

Although there has been an increase in transparency around selection in recent months, the exact nature (and make-up) of by-election longlists – including who has been longlisted – still remains shrouded in mystery. We hope that the party will make good on promsies to open up, and reveal the names of shortlisted and longlisted candidates ahead of the selection.

We’ll bring you further news on the selection – including potential candidates – as soon as we have it.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be more worried about who labour has short listed.

  • http://twitter.com/doktorb Líam

    Could this speedy byelection not backfire? To ask voters to go to the polls a week before a cash-strapped Christmas?

    • John Ruddy

      My worry about this is that it suggests to the cynic that they have already made up their mind who ‘they’ want.

      I hope thats not the case, and we see a real contest to get the best candidate.


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