Owen Jones vs Public Sector Strikers

December 2, 2011 9:05 am

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you could teach Jezza a thing or two Owen?

    Loved this- and seeing Billy Bragg on This Week…..

    I think you all do and say more in one sentence than any amount of
    right wing spin and rhetoric.

    Those people didn’t look like “militants,” more the Big Society!

    It’s people in the end that will make all the difference.

    Thankyou- and don’t lose the sense of humour!


    • Anonymous

      I hope more people see this Owen and Mark- I thought brilliant.

      It just challenges all the misconceptions and makes the rhetoric look very silly.

      Every time I read yet more ranting and raving about public service workers
      and the unions etc; I’ll visualize this video!

      Maybe you could do something like the Andrew L Rap next time?!

      We could all provide the chorus!


  • Thomas baxter

    Owen’s got it …satire at it’s best!  Ben brown CC LOL…
    but NLOL 4 real real…OCCUPY!
    Keep it up Owen…Love your bits in the Independent!


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