Quote on the day: Keep your jacket on, Ed

19th February, 2012 10:48 am

John Prescott on advising Ed Miliband:

“Ed came to me for advice… and I said put your jacket on, leaders shouldn’t be seen without their jacket”

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  • AlanGiles

    A bit late in the day for the man who has made money from TV commercials and fooling about in the Temple to be offering advice on dignity!

    Whatever next – a lecture on morality from David Blunkett?

    • treborc

      God help us . this bloke was seen on TV stuffing his mouth with food while looking for Chav’s or working class, or middle class, who then said we are all middle class.

      He should retire stop trying to steal the limelight, he is past over gone, better to retire and write another best seller.

  • Seamus Williams

    Strange people on the doorstep feel he looks awkward and fake wearing a jacket maybe ed should wear a waistcoat instead or a bowtie, Bowties are cool 


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