Andy Burnham retains MP of the Month crown

April 12, 2012 9:10 am

He has topped the shadow cabinet league table three months in a row – but now Andy Burnham has completed a double win for the second month in a row, retaining the LabourList MP of the month award he won in February.

Of course the task of retaining this award in future months will be constrained by the fact that the NHS is no longer a daily political issue, but the party’s determination to keep NHS “reform” alive as an issue has been proven through placing the NHS at the centre of the local election campaign.

If the NHS focus continues, could Burnham capture an unprecedented 3rd MP of the month award, eclipsing previous two time winners Tom Watson and Chuka Umunna?

As for the other contenders, there were substantial numbers of votes for Ed Balls, Rachel Reeves and Emily Thornberry this month, but Burnham’s closest rival was Ed Miliband – with many of you commenting on his impressive response to the budget.

656 people voted in the MP of the month contest between April 5th and April 10th. Thanks to everyone who voted.


  • Jonathan Eyre

    problem with Any Burnbum – he his VERY pro Fluoridation “lets press ahead with the fluoridation of water supplies” so I am agin him….


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