Keep Calm and Pasty on

2nd April, 2012 12:52 pm

The pasty tax furore may have died down, but seemingly it’s still emotive in Plymouth. Watch this video from Plymouth Labour on their pasty tax protest:

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  • Dave Postles

    ‘Mr Cameron, when did you last eat a patsy?’
    ‘Oh, I think it was when we drafted a bill for surveillance of electronic communications; I seem to remember that I had to choose between a medium one and a Clegg-sized one, and, feeling peckish, I went for the Clegg-sized one.’

  • Slakah

    The chip shop vs pasty argument is pretty stupid. Meal deals (sandwiches + crisps + drink) are very popular and there is no VAT on sandwiches. Absolutely no reason to do it.

  • John Ruddy

    Plymouth – where the Pasty was invented….

  • This is already old.

    We won the round.

    Let the meme drop.

  • Pemakill

    Pasties, Petrol, Patrons, Plonkers!


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