Miliband joins Ken in final campaign push

28th April, 2012 1:42 pm

Ed Miliband was out in Ealing with Ken Livingstone as the London Mayoral election enters its final days, and sought to contrast Ken’s pledges for London with the Tory Mayor’s record. Speaking to LabourList, Miliband said:

“Ken is campaigning to cut Londoner’s fares, put more police on the streets, to make fair rents happen and to bring back the educational maintenance allowance. People are understanding that Ken Livingstone is in touch with ordinary Londoners and is going to fight for them.”

“And Boris Johnson, what’s he been standing up for? He’s been standing up for a tax cut for millionaires. I think there is a clear choice in this election, Labour will make you better off, the Tories will make Londoners worse off.”

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  • Joe

    Somehow I don’t think bringing Ed in will save Ken’s campaign…

    • Otware

      I disagree. Labour is outperforming Ken in national polls.

      • John Dore

        Labour is but Milibands polling is lower than Camerons.

  • Rufus D

    According to Guido Fawkes, Labour won’t even use their candidate’s name on leaflets.  A nice pay back for Livingstone’s non-support of Labour in Tower Hamlets?

  • John P Reid

    Apprently laobur will do better in the assembly than in 008, this must be becuase the tory vote is down ,.not labours being up.

    • John Dore

      No its coz the Torys are sh1t.

  • Daniel Speight

    Well done Ed Miliband.

    • John Dore

      what for?

  • M Cannon

    I thought Mr Livingstone was also in favour of tax breaks, at least for former mayors?

  • M Cannon

    I thought Mr Livingstone was also in favour of tax breaks, at least for former mayors?

  • RedSetter

    Too little, too late.


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