Don’t let the Tories get away it – vote Labour in London on Thursday

1st May, 2012 8:03 am

As we go into the final few days campaigning there has to be one clear message that everyone we speak to understands.

And that’s this. Don’t let the Tories get away it – vote Labour in London on Thursday. A Tory mayor and a Tory government make you worse off. Londoners will be better off with Ken, who will cut fares, protect people as much as possible from the impact of the Tories’ economic policies, and reverse Tory police cuts.

Anyone who thinks that they don’t need to turn out to vote for a Labour mayor of London needs to think about the consequences of letting the Conservative party get away with what they are doing.

The Tory-led Government is in crisis. They have taken the country into a double dip recession, they have taken tax credits away from millions of families, pensioners have lost out with the Tory granny tax and the Leveson inquiry has shown how the Tories will always put the interests of the rich and powerful before the majority in the most crude way possible.

Cameron and Osborne are hoping Londoners will forget the mess they have got the country into and give them a pat on the back by electing their Tory candidate Boris Johnson on Thursday.

But you can’t vote Tory at this point. Even Tory voters ought to be considering whether it is wise to lend Cameron’s party their vote at the moment. They will think they can get away with anything. They will take it less as a vindication of what they have done so far, and more as a signal that they can keep going.

People who are ruining lives and defending the richest at the expense of the rest should not be left feeling they can get away with anything.

In 2010 Tory Boris Johnson boasted he was cutting further and faster than the Tory Government and he was the leading Tory who campaigned relentlessly for a tax cut for the super rich rather than help for the majority.

His true blue Tory values are shown most clearly through year-on-year above inflation fare rises at a time when people are being squeezed hard in every conceivable way. Boris Johnson has raised bus, tube and train fares so much London is one of the most expensive cities to travel around in the world.

This election on May 3rd is a clear choice between a Labour Mayor who will make Londoners up to £1000 better off with a fares cut, or a Conservative Mayor who is committed to raising fares above inflation and making Londoners worse off.

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  • JoeDM

    Don’t let Ken get away with Tax Avoidance !!!

  • Bill Lockhart

    Meanwhile 1 in 6 LABOUR voters intend to vote for Johnson. That’s how crashingly, catastrophically wrong Labour’s endorsement of  Livingstone has proved to be. He could have promised the moon- and his fares “promise” has been shown to be about as realistic- but Londoners won’t get fooled again.

    • AlanGiles

      If 1 in 6 “labour” voters intend voting for Johnson, plainly they are not Labour voters.

      I am sure if I suggested to you 1 in 6 Conservative voters were going to vote for Ken Livingstone or Ed Miliband, you would make exactly the same point to me, and rightly so.

      • Bill Lockhart

        If they vote for Labour GLA candidates but Johnson for Mayor, what does that make them? Able to think for themselves, that’s what- the tribalists’ worst nightmare.

        • AlanGiles

          Bill that is otiose and you know it. You are hardly a real supporter if you go and vote for the total opposite party. The best thing to do would be to vote for the Greens, or just abstain.

          Would you, for example vote for Cameron AND Ed Miliband? because that would be exactly the same situation

          • Bill Lockhart

            Your problem is that *real* people who identify themselves in polls as “Labour supporting” are planning to vote in exactly the way I describe. (BBC R4 Today , this morning). I guess those pesky real people don’t care whether you think they are “real” Labour supporters or not. And attacking Labour-inclined voters for not being loyal enough to Labour is going to get you precisely nowhere: they are clearly going to punish Labour for inflicting a dreadful candidate on them whilst expecting “loyalty”.

  • So, who’s your candidate again? Why so coy?

  • AnotherOldBoy

    A good, positive message!  Mr Watson is obviously so keen to remind us of the name of the Labour candidate (Mr Ken Livingstone, in case anyone has forgotten) that in his excitement he forgot to do so.

    He also seems to have been so carried away with conveying a positive anti-Tory message that he did not have time to endorse Mr Livingstone personally or tell us which, if any, of Mr Livingstone’s policies recommend him to the voters of London.

    Personally I fond Mr Watson’s intervention last week more even more revealing.  Then he was urging Labour supporters to “hold their noses” and vote for the candidate with the most interesting tax affairs:

    Well done, Mr Watson!  With friends like you, Mr Livingstone can be confident of getting the result he deserves.

    • John Ruddy

      Except he did mention Ken.

      • AnotherOldBoy

        Fair point: but only once, in passing.

        But he did advise Labour supporters to hold their noses, accepting, apparently, that Ken smells bad.

    • treborc1

      And that’s this. Don’t let the Tories get away it – vote Labour in
      London on Thursday. A Tory mayor and a Tory government make you worse
      off. Londoners will be better off with Ken, who will cut fares, protect
      people as much as possible from the impact of the Tories’ economic
      policies, and reverse Tory police cuts.

      Spec savers me thinks…….

      • Shikisha1925

        You must be living in another universe. Between 1998 and 2010 council Tax in my Labour borough Lewisham rose by 97.2%. The state pension that I receive as an 87 year old rose by 52%. That sums up Labour government, that I have voted for since I first voted for after 1947, not 46 whan I was 21,  because I was still in the army.  I was utterly betrayed by Blair’s government, insulted by Brown and his mad policies which included, some will remember, phasing out the state pension.   

        The sad fact is that for most of my life the Labour Party was led by statesmen and women. Today its MPs cheat on their expenses, are concerned only with getting power, untroubled if they bankrupt the country, open its borders and destroy its great traditions of honesty and trust.

  • Noel

    “get away with it” I presume? 

  • treborc1

    Normally in my small area I know the people who will have the posters in the window, I know the people from all parties except the BNP who knock on my door.

    I know that the posters will be placed in certain area as they have been for  dozens of years and dozens of elections.

    This time nothing, leaflets coming through doors nothing, knocking on doors labour for ten seconds and the BNP, who I thought were labour.

    It’s been the worse election for a council I can remember, and I asked why to be told the parties cannot get people to knock on doors or push leaflets through doors, they said it’s been one of the hardest period to get people interested.

    And you have to ask why, well I suspect you only have to look at the last election and how people voted and I do think people are finding it hard to either believe people, or have enough interest to listen.

    If this is a small turn out it could help the smaller parties like in my area Plaid, it’s not going to help labour much because they lost the council ten years ago and have failed miserably to get it back from the independents.

    Saying all that I do like Left leaning MP’s and tax avoidance or not, I think Ken is better then Boris but I do not live in London

  • treborc1

    Normally in my small area I know the people who will have the posters in the window, I know the people from all parties except the BNP who knock on my door.

    I know that the posters will be placed in certain area as they have been for  dozens of years and dozens of elections.

    This time nothing, leaflets coming through doors nothing, knocking on doors labour for ten seconds and the BNP, who I thought were labour.

    It’s been the worse election for a council I can remember, and I asked why to be told the parties cannot get people to knock on doors or push leaflets through doors, they said it’s been one of the hardest period to get people interested.

    And you have to ask why, well I suspect you only have to look at the last election and how people voted and I do think people are finding it hard to either believe people, or have enough interest to listen.

    If this is a small turn out it could help the smaller parties like in my area Plaid, it’s not going to help labour much because they lost the council ten years ago and have failed miserably to get it back from the independents.

    Saying all that I do like Left leaning MP’s and tax avoidance or not, I think Ken is better then Boris but I do not live in London

    • Sarah Cole

      It’s always someone else who should be out there knocking on doors………? I have been outside my local station for 2 hours this morning……….. along with 2 Ken supporters……. and even 2 for Boris, for a short time. 

      • treborc1

        It’s 245 miles from my home town to London, the train fares from my home to London is off peek £110 one way, it was high under labour it will be higher under the Tories.

        But to be honest if it comes to wearing out shoes knocking on doors bet I’ve worn out more then you, I started in 1963 at the age of twelve .

        these days wheelchair and disability and being kicked by a so called socialist government means I’ve left the party

  • treborc1

    Can we all vote in the London election, because all I hear is London London London Ken or Boris, you would not think the rest of the country also has elections.

    But I suspect London will be the bench mark for Labour, well no we are hearing to day that Miliband is looking at Birmingham as the bench mark for labour win Birmingham is the big target

  • Anna

    So in this grown up world of devolved politics you are calling on people to be tribal? Wonder why people are disengaged from politics? This is it. Your argument is persuasive for a national election but Londoners are intelligent enough to realise that they do not need to back Ken Livingstone to get rid of a Tory Government. Ken’s campaign has been poor and his apparent anti-semitism and tax avoidance have thrown up real character flaws. Sorry, but Mayoral candidates do not deserve unconditional love just because they are the Labour candidate. The individuals character must come into it and I am afraid Ken Livingstone has turned a lot of voters off.

    • treborc1

       Thank God Boris is such a great chappie, but I notice your doing the rounds attacking Ken for Boris, I wonder why.

      Must be hard work looking for sites to write so much about ken

    • “Mayoral candidates do not deserve unconditional love just because they are the Labour candidate.”

      Correct. It should be decided on policy. It’s interesting that you don’t criticise Ken’s policies. It’s Ken’s policies that’ll make London a better place. And that’s why he is worth voting for.

      • GuyM

        Ken’s policies totally revolve around spending money he doesn’t have and making vague promises he can’t keep.

        He has a record of cronyism, broken promises and large tax rises.

        He has a campaign full of tax hypocrisy, anti-semitism and lies.

        He has a history of mixing with IRA terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists and marxist dictators.

        London in 2012, the year we have the Olympics, does not need him in power in any way, shape or form.

        Hopefully enough “Labour” voters realise this and will help to forcibly retire him for good, but I still think it’s too close to call at the moment.

        • If Ken hasn’t delivered on his flagship fare reduction programme he will resign in October of this year.

          But all your man Johnson does is sit on his hands. The Johnson years are wasted years.

          Would anyone notice if Johnson decided not to get out of bed in the morning?

          • John Dore

            If Ken hasn’t delivered on his flagship fare reduction programme he will resign in October of this year.”  Wde al know he’ll put fares down, the question is will he resign if he has to pay for it with Council Tax rises? Of course not.

          • GuyM

            Ken will raid investment funds and increase taxes to pay for his one year promise.

            Underlying costs are not going to change, needs for investment in the transport infrastructure wont change.

            So from a business point of view the pressure for higher fares will remain the same.

            Therefore Dave, what happens in year 2 under Ken when he once again has to find the funding for a 7% cut (plus the loss of year no year rise)?

            It’s telling Ken promises to cut fares only in year one, year two sees it all come back, large tax rises or both.

            But that’s the way with you lefties isnt it, lies, lies and more taxes.

        • ThorLarsen

          Clearly the work of an imposter.

    • AlanGiles

      Anna. Voting for KL will not get rid of the Tory government, but not voting for him will let in Johnson and he and Cameron and the Conservatives at large will be arrogant enough to regard that as carte-blanche to buldoze their way through the rest of this Parliament.

      Johnson isn’t exactly pure white, and he seems unable to resist using foul langauge on the BBC

      • aracataca

        What more arrogant than they are already? Is that possible?

    • Richard Meredith

      Consider an independant

  • Chrissieoap

    Send Dennis Skinner to do rounds with Ken, two older more experienced, wise heads better than one. If Dennis was put up against Boris in a debate, Dennis would be less well mannered than Ken and wipe the floor with Tory Boris.
    Dennis is well respected on all sides for his blunt talking.

    • GuyM

      Why not throw in Bob Crowe and McCluskey as well?

      Perhaps you could fly over Chavez and a few Islamic preachers for a special “vote Ken” rally.

      After all like Skinner, all those people are “well respected” by everyone… ooops or did I mean well respected by hard left wing nuts like yourself?

      • trotters1957

        How’s the garden coming along?
        Any sign of you getting some work done?

        • GuyM

          A week and a half left only I’m afraid before work calls.

          But “work” as you refer to it is only relevant in that it benefits me and my family. Not interested in the “greater good” or society at all.

          So therefore I wouldn’t worry trotters, I’d not lift a finger to do a thing that benefited you or anyone else if it didn’t benefit me far more.

          • ThorLarsen

            Egotistical, selfish, anti-life. Definitely vintage GuyM.

          • GuyM

            Do love it when some left wing numpty tells me that wanting to work for the benefit of myself and my family is “selfish”.

            I look after me and mine, not you and yours. That’s your responsibility not mine.

            Either something benefits me in doing it, else I’m not interested. If you want to act as a personal charity with your time you go ahead as I don’t.

          • ThorLarsen

            100% GuyM.

          • GuyM

            I’d hope so, might be accused of going soft in the head otherwise.

            Your look after yours Thor, I’ll look after mine.

          • ThorLarsen

            110% GuyM.

          • trotters1957

            I suppose there’s only so much gardening you can do in a postage stamp semi detached garden.
            I let the gardeners get on with it these days.

          • GuyM

            The garden is actually a little bigger than that 🙂

            Try old orchard and needs a gardener to keep the hundreds of yards of hedges under control.

            So yes have a gardener as well. Better things to do with my time.

          • trotters1957

            Hook, line and sinker.

          • treborc1

             Nothing red in Guys garden  just Blue with a few yellow hints.

          • GuyM

            Some red roses, red berries on the holly tree… but that’s about it.

          • treborc1

             All poison

          • Doc

            Don’t eat Guy’s apple Snow White!

          • trotters1957

            Red is such a warm and inviting colour, the colour of love.
            Blue is cold, frozen and stitched up.
            Says it all.

          • GuyM

            Hardly, I have a big garden, apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees and a lot of blackberries.

            It’s pleasant, backs onto the North Downs and I’m quite happy with it thanks.

            If “hook line and sinker” means I admit to having it and a gardener then of course I do.

            Gardening leave doesn’t mean I’m gardening, you did know that?

          • derek

            Yes! what terms are you on? 2 years wages! Severance payment in lieu, accrued holiday payments.Tells the price for no work? and where thee new job is? 

          • GuyM

            Gardening leave covers the notice period more or less (a little in payment in lieu), and accrued holiday is added to the final amount.

            Where I’m going is between me and myself.

          • derek

            I’d say that your settlement would be higher than the statutory 90 days notice period but I guess your proclaiming the one month notice of intent.

            Come on? I’d like to know what the price is of no work for senior management?

            Are you going to work for the public sector? 

          • GuyM

            There isn’t a statutory notice period. You are mistaking notice for redundancy.

            I resigned, negotiated my leaving arrangements and ensured both sides were content with the outcome.

            Where I’m going is between me and myself Derek. I think that giving out information on  the net is a dangerous activity, hence why I don’t go near things like Facebook under any circumstances.

            As for the public sector…. maybe you are right…. maybe not.

          • treborc1

             Did not think the Tory party had such good gardening leave.

          • AlanGiles

            Guy. No man is an island. Just imagine one day you had an accident, or got mugged, or some terrible misfortune befell you.

            How would you feel if EVERYBODY took the same outlook – I will only do something if it benefits me?

          • GuyM

            Everything in the garden
            Is lovely.
            Even the fat slug
            That drags its belly nightly
            Over dank paving
            And into the heart of the lettuce
            Is lovely.
            And the seething myriads in the ant-hill
            Are lovely.
            The stealthy, disruptive mole,
            The grubbing, wet-nosed hedgehog
            Are lovely.
            And the millipede,
            The centipede,
            The sexually reproductive woodlouse
            Are lovely.
            The dung fly and the dung beetle
            Are doubly lovely.
            The burying beetle, the emmet,
            The devil’s coach-horse, the dor
            Are lovely.
            Bean blight, leaf scab, club root,
            Rose canker, cuckoo spit, wireworm,
            Cutworm, carrot fly, codlin,
            Woolly aphis, apple weevil,
            Leaf curl, algae,
            Big bud, brown spot,
            Rust, smut and mildew
            Are all of them lovely.
            And the flowers are lovely, too –
            Nightshade, broomrape, henbane,
            Love-lies-bleeding and dead-men’s-fingers,
            Viper’s bugloss, red-hot poker,
            Wormwood, woundwort, rue.
            And the gardener himself is lovely –
            With one eye on the stable clock
            And the other on lovely nothing,
            Flat on his back where he fell.
            The lovely flies walk in his lovely mouth.
            Everything in the garden is lovely.

          • ThorLarsen

            Too poetic and literate to be GuyM.

          • GuyM

            Nothing to do with me, just the same individual playing his/her games.

            No point responding to them and it won’t stop me posting, so let them have their fun.

          • ThorLarsen

            I knew you didn’t have an artistic or poetic bone in your body and am glad to have been proven right!

          • GuyM

            Nope, I’m not artistic and I hate poetry.

            Sport was my interest at school and beyond.

          • James

            And now the only game in town is a frame of pocket billiards while commenting on LabourList. 


          • derek

            Lovely! He loves to sit amongst the trees and watch the dirty mocket flies’a-flying round his earhole.

          • GuyM

            I’d expect others to work in whatever field they work in primarily for their own benefit.

            A doctor, nurse etc. works to provide for themselves and their family, that they would treat me and others is merely a by-product of their profession.

            Anyway if something serious happens to me then I have a promise from my wife to help me off to Switzerland. I’m not interested in sitting dependent on others slowly wasting away.

            What I do, I do because it benefits me Alan, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

          • AlanGiles

            I didn’t mean that, particularly, Guy. I was thinking more in terms if you were injured out walking and there were no professionals around, but only ordinary passers-by. How would you feel if they just looked at you lying in the road and walked past, without calling for assistance, or seeing if you needed help?. That sort of thing. 

            It is the very things that we can’t take due precaution about, or plan in advance for, that catches us out.

          • GuyM

            I’d make a mobile phone call to 999 Alan. When I go “out walking”, I generally do so in areas where there will few if any “passers-by”. Why go walking in areas with loads of the public to interfere with the peace and quiet.

            I don’t like the general public, a main reason why I left politics and I loathe the lower classes as you well know.

          • Bootsie

            I think the condition is called Anthropophobia, i.e., an irrational fear and loathing of people and society.

          • GuyM

            Or maybe I just like my own company, like the countryside and would rather not run into a lot of chavs who disturb the peace and quiet?

            Given I was born, raised, educated and worked most of my life in Central London, I’d have trouble with anthopophobia wouldn’t I 🙂

          • Bootsie

            What a pity you don’t extend your social infirmity to cyberspace and stop associating with people you dislike on sites like this.  

          • GuyM

            Far rather I associate myself with you here when I don’t have to feel unclean from being in the presence of socialists.

          • Bootsie

            I wish I could say the same.

      • ThorLarsen

        Obviously an imposter guilty of identity theft.

    • John P Reid

      Denis Skinner of Course was fuming when Ken left in 2000 And told people to vote green for the Assembly he was the biggest known Memeber to vote agiasnt Livingstones return in 2004 and Backed Oona last year,

      I’ll vote Ken and the Assembly emembers ,but what Bothers me is the NEC that left wingers will get in if Ken has to wiothdrawl from the NEC if he’s mayor, there’s a couple of peopel standing who’s past association with the far left could resulting  in us losing  millions of votes, if they repeat there past views when police are more robust as a result of Crime rising (which it will when the cuts get bigger).

      • AlanGiles

        John, really  – ONE terrible left winger against all the pairs of safe hands already there? . For the days of Harold Wilson when you could comfortably have all shades of opinion in the party – we were a lot more democratic and better for it, rather than Tony’s sofa, and the “one of us” mentality.

        As for one left winger losing millions of votes, Messrs Blair and Brown did quite a good job on that front themselves.

        I don’t mean to imply bad faith, but once again the left wing is being set up as the fall-guy if things go wrong.

      • treborc1

        John John  you see those lefties everywhere, but really they are not that bad, I was a lefty once, and you told me on labour home so were you

  • Daniel Speight

    What has become obvious is that the Tories want to fight this election on anything other policies and issues. The more they can keep it on personalities the better for Boris. For those turncoats like Hodges who are now openly encouraging a vote for Boris, this should be last thing they do as Labour Party members.

    • GuyM

      Um, have you seen some of the recent “vote Ken” articles in the national press?

      Virtually no mention of Ken Livingstone at all, just focused on a “Boris is a Tory and you can’t vote Tory” message.

      And then you write “Tories want to fight this on anything other than policies and issues”?

      Just how blind and deluded are you? Ah but you will be voting Ken, so totally blind and deluded it seems.

      • Daniel Speight

         Is this real Guy or some other idiot? It’s hard to tell.

        • Bootsie

          It’s almost nasty enough to be the real idiot. Difficult to call really.

  • charles.ward

    It must have been difficult to type this while holding your nose.

  • GuyM

    And your party at no matter what level keeps wanting to spend spend spend…. ever more spending.

    No matter how high the debt, no matter how big the deficit, no matter what tax levels, no matter how much borrowing.

    Just spend spend spend, it’s the only ideological principle you have…. spending other people’s money.

    You and your “ideology” are a joke Watson, you have nothing and are nothing without other people’s income to waste.

    • And your Tory party has led us into an unnecessary double-dip recession. That is fact.

      How did it happen? It happened because Cameron and Osborne persist with an out of date ideology. Their ‘theory’ holds that the private sector will move in once the public sector has been axed. But it hasn’t happened.

      Reality doesn’t listen to Cameron and Osborne. They still think it’s still 1979. They mimic Maggie and hope for the best. Not realising that changed circumstances need changed responses.

      So Plan A has failed. Austerity is failing and may yet bring about the demise of the economies it is designed to save.

      And Cameron and Osborne don’t have a clue what to do.

      • GuyM

        It wouldn’t make the slightest difference who was in power now.

        Labour in government might have tried to spend more based upon borrowing more than the Tories and would now be facing the same problem as France with a loss of AAA* ratings and increased interest rates.

        Brown set the stage for a couple of decades of financial turmoil for all UK governments and there is nothing left to do but wait for the storm to end.

        One reason why I don’t really care what you or your party says it would do, it’s all words as you’d manage none of it.

        Look after yourself now is the best advice as the UK economy is f**ked for many years.

        • trotters1957

          “UK economy is f**ked for many years.”Not true at all, recruitment may be but thankfully these parasites are being increasingly pushed out. 
          Many British engineering companies are booming, Rolls Royce, parts of BAE, Airbus, Jaguar Landrover, Siemens, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, and I could list many more.
          Of course government policy has had nothing to do with these companies success.
          If you talk to the directors of these companies, as I do, they will tell you that they are doing well in spite of the Tories.
          Cameron and Osborne have very few friends even in the boardrooms of Britain, apart from in the City.
          No economic policy and no industrial policy.

          • GuyM

            Did I say “business was f**cked”?

            No I said the national economy is.

            92% still in work, business still recruiting, people with the right skills able to pick jobs up. The private sector and global business community will go on as before.

            What is “f**ked” is national governments finances.

            And business doesn’t want Labour anywhere near government again, as you well know.

          • trotters1957

            “And business doesn’t want Labour anywhere near government again, as you well know”
            Again, incorrect. The “too fast, too soon” mantra is exactly what industry thinks.
            Of course, the CBI and the City don’t want Labour back but they know that the monopolies in banking, gas, telecoms, water, rail, electric, oil,will all get squeezed next time by Labour.
            But if you talk to real companies who compete abroad, this government is a joke.

          • GuyM

            CBI, IoD,city, business pollibg, small business groups.

            All have said very clearly what business wants is low interest rates, less red tape and more bank lending.

            I cna’t remember seeing a single business body stating they wanted government to run up even more debt and deficit.

            Labour and socialism are not wanted by private enterprise, they are of no use to anyone other than your ill educated dumb core vote.

          • trotters1957

            In your recruitment bubble maybe and in these policy wonkish organisations.
            Speak to people who actually run businesses not who make money from them speaking for them and it’s a very different story.

            But we’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • GuyM

            Never been in “recruitment”, never worked in a “policy organisation”.

            Business supports the Tories as poll after poll has shown, Labour has nothing to offer business other than more debt and higher interest rates.

        • Your Tories killed demand in the domestic economy with their ham-fisted approach to austerity. The VAT hike didn’t help, also.

          But the larger crisis originates in the failure of the 30-year-old neo-liberal experiment – the failure of market-led economies. This is what you fail to recognise.

          Your response is to bury your head in the sand and resort to mythologising. That’s understandable enough given the short-sightness of your perspective, but it won’t help, your arse is still exposed for a good kicking.

          • GuyM

            Ahhh back to the “neo-liberal failure” lmao.

            Better if we’d had a high tax, massive state, nationalised economy structure?

            The UK can drift through whatever it does Dave, so long as I can work for myself and my family and pay little tax in doing so. Build some wealth up and then take it all abroad to the sun whilst sticking two fingers up at people like yourself and all of those you campaign for.

            Enjoy, because I’ll be looking after me, not doing a damn thing to help you and yours 🙂

          • Odd that you think previous unsuccessful measures might be useful in addressing current failures.

            And as for “sticking two fingers up at people like yourself”, it’ll never happen. You’re emotionally dependent on this blog. The people who post here are the only ‘friends’ you have – that’s why you’re here 24/7/365.

          • GuyM

            Best not focus on “previous unsuccessful measures” Dave, socialism is jut one long track record of failure.

            As to sticking to fingers up at I, I meant through voting against you, working for as much as I can and keeping most of it for me and mine and not giving a rat’s arse about your parties core demographic. Screw the working classes basically.

            With regard LL, it occasionally fills some time and I enjoy telling trots like you where to go. Sadly in about 12 days time I’ll be likely a very rare visitor on the site, so you’ll get some peace soon enough.

          • Off the the UKIP blogs in about 12 days then? I hope that’s a promise. And, if so, I hope you keep your promises.
            You might have some success there, Cameron has lost whatever goodwill and credibility he initially had. And UKIP is the protest option for the rapidly growing number of disappointed Tories.

            I suppose you’ll get the same emotional fulfillment – there’ll be plenty of opportunities to deploy your attention-seeking contrarian outbursts.

          • GuyM

            More like starting my new job in 12 days actually.

            Unlike the one I’m moving from there won’t be lots of home working in the first few months as I have to get a grip on the areas the job has responsibility for.

            I’ve no interest in UKIP, though I expect them to do very well in the next euro elections.

          • Bootsie

            So you’re just another worker and not a wealth generating  entrepreneur, eh? It figures.

          • GuyM

            I’m not an entrepreneur and never will be.

            Business is a means to an end and nothing more.

            I maximise my income for the minimum time investment and live quite simply.

            It’s amazing how well you can live when a married couple both come in a little below the £100k mark when allowances and the like starting being removed.

            The nice thing about that sort of household income is that you lefties can’t tax it either 🙂

            Set up my own business? Hell no, had the chance turned it down, too much work, too much risk and too much stress.

            I’ll leave that to you.

          • Bootsie

            How odd it must be to live all by yourself on a small planet orbiting your own ego. 

            Cramped too I would imagine.

          • GuyM

            Surrey and the City.

            Lots like me about

    • ThorLarsen

      This seems like a bogus post to me.

      • trotters1957

        You should read the Daily Telegraph, they make Guy look like Engels.

        • ThorLarsen

          I think GuyM is more of a tabloid kind of individual. Think Daily Mail.

          • GuyM

            I hate the Daily Mail, remember I’m very socially Liberal.

            The voice of angry Britain, hypocritical Britain, socially conservative Britain i.e. The Daily Mail, is no friend of mine.

            I subscribe to The Times and am very happy with it.

          • Jocelyn

            A heavily subsidised paper from the Murdoch stable, eh? Explains a lot.

          • GuyM

            I have no problem with Murdochs support of the Times.

            Whether silly little trots like yourself like it or not who carfes? I’m happy paying for access to it.

            Best run off to the Guardian…..

          • Jocelyn

            Are you dyslexic, Guy? Careless? Or just a bad speller? Got something wrong with our brian  have we?

          • Paul

            On the p*ss more like!

          • GuyM

            Very very careless.

            I type fast and dont feel inclinded to correct errors on a blog post, time is too valuable.

            This isn’t an important business case, you need to grasp the points not score a spelling test.

            If you have some personal pedantic horror of typos, best not read my posts anymore as I have no intention of changing.

  • John Dore

    If this is the message we’re knackered.

  • madasafish

    I like this article …it’s worth framing and repeating at a future date.

    A clear lesson in “how to solicit votes for a candidate  , who – if he was in an opposing party –  would be  (correctly) called a tax fiddling, lying, racist”.

    Nice to see the Labour Party sticking to its principles.

    • treborc1

      Never mind it will all be over soon you can lay down.

      • GuyM

        Let’s all lie down together…

  • Bill Lockhart

    Mr . Watson forgot to mention that the Labour candidate has also pledged to spend the next four years “educating the mass of the people who have no understanding of Islam” and making London ” a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him”.  Because that’s what matters to the Labour Party and to voters, right?

  • Shikisha1925

    How curious that Tom Watson the scourge of Murdoch and all his works has not called Livingstone to his committee, for he worked for Murdoch and proudly posed beside his desk there for a publicity photo.He also employed for £360k of our money a former employee of Murdoch as publicity manager – how much actually went to him we don’t know.  But of course Tom is only interested in attacking everyone else but a Labour 
    I’ve been a Labour voter all my long adult life – but I remember Livingstone plotting to kick kick out Macintosh, leader of the Labour Party that won a GLC election, the very next day after the result was announced. I remember that Livingstone stood against the Labour candidate in a GLC election.

    The man is a liar, corrupt, lacking any principles, an enemy, not a genuine supporter of the Labour Party. The only party he supports is the Livingstone Power Party. I am sickened that London has now imported the corrupt, crooked  methods of alien societies for all he offers is a bribe, to cut fares. 

    This aged twister should quietly slink away to find the mothers of his children and for once give them more than a passing nod.

  • Sarahsj

    Why does anyone ever vote Labour?  Driving around the country, it’s not hard to spot that all the people living in big houses with land have Conservative signs outside their gardens, all the people living on Council estates have Labour signs in their windows?  Err, hello, what does this tell you?  It tells me that if you want to be poor for ever and live on a council estate with no money, and stay in some down-trodden job for ever or be on the dole, then vote labour.  If you aspire for greater things in life, and want to live comfortably, then vote Conservative.  You might find that your luck will change.  You ain’t never gonna be rich voting Labour.   They’re too busy looking over the shoulder and envying the rich.  For us women, just the mere mention of the word sounds painful.

    • AlanGiles

      I know you have your own pressing problems at the moment Baroness Warsi, but you are several weeks late with this blatant plug, silly girl. Your memory MUST be going.
      * Herbie Hancock (1940 –    )


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