Dugher mocks Clegg and Cameron’s plans for (another) “relaunch”

13th December, 2012 4:56 pm

After Clegg revealed that he and Cameron are planning to publish a ‘mid-term review’, Labour’s Vice-Chair Michael Dugher was scathing:

“Yet another relaunch will do nothing to solve the real problems this country faces under David Cameron. However they try and dress it up, David Cameron and Nick Clegg can’t hide the true record of their out of touch and incompetent government. 

“With working people picking up the bill for their economic failure, millionaires getting a tax cut while millions pay more, and over 7,000 nurses and 6,000 police axed, David Cameron’s record is one of failure. This country needs a real change of direction with One Nation Labour, not another PR exercise from David Cameron. It’s not a relaunch we need, it’s a rethink.”

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