Michael Gove interviews an armed robber

11th February, 2013 5:04 pm

There’s been plenty of attention for the Education Secretary of late, so we thought it might be time to unearth this somewhat bizarre interview that Gove conducted as part of a 1992 show called “A stab in the dark”, which also starred David Baddiel.

We post the interview without comment – other than to apologise for the slight gap between the audio and video:

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  • Monkey_Bach

    What a slimy, shifty and dishonest-looking piece of work. And the armed robber ain’t much better! Eeek.

  • JC

    And Ed Milliband was in favour of scrapping the 10p tax rate a few years ago. I suppose we’re all hypocrites now, especially if we can be shown to be so with historic quotes.

  • $3436249

    Does anyone have the clip from that series, where Gove argues that children are a lifestyle choice and that child benefit should be abolished?


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