Miliband to attend National Security Council

24th June, 2013 12:42 pm

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister has announced that Ed Miliband will attend tomorrow’s meeting of the National Security Council:

“When the NSC was established, we said leader of opposition would be invited on occasional basis.”

“They’ll be talking about a number of issues including Afghanistan, Iran and Syria…It makes sense to discuss major issues of foreign policy and that’s what’s happening tomorrow.”

“I’m sure they’ll discuss the full range of issues around Syria and clearly Syria was an important topic at the recent G8… It makes sense on occasion to invite the leader of the Opposition to the NSC to discuss national security priorities.”

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  • giselle97

    Watch your back Ed with these “people”. You could get blamed for all sorts of rubbish by them.

  • Daniel Speight

    He is crazy to accept the invitation. Cameron is trying to co-opt him into whatever nasty little plan he is working on. Could be arms to the Syrian rebels. Could be exonerating GCHQ.

    • rekrab

      Daniel, if they share the page on spending, share the same page on Scottish Independence, share the same meetings, will they share the benches?

      Ain’t it the hight of madness that these two parties share the same line on hard working people, they both say hard working people should be better off than those not in work, so they both advocate pay restraint while they cut back benefits so those out of work are less well off,Jeez! it’s bonkers and out of order but the sad fact is there isn’t anyone to stop this madness.

      • Daniel Speight

        Again I bang on about one of my pet ideas – Labour needs to look at PASOK in Greece to see what can wrong when you lose all your social democratic principles. There Labour’s sister party is coalition with the right wing to force austerity on the poor while allowing the rich and powerful to escape punishment. (And some of the rich and powerful were in leadership positions in PASOK.)

        • i_bid

          The latest poll (RASS) has PASOK on 5%. Unreconstructed Marxist-Leninist KKE is on 6% in the same poll.

    • Indeed, Ed may emerge from the meeting as the political equivalent of a Stepford Wife.

    • JoeDM

      If Miliband is to take on the responsibility for government at some point he would be better if he was prepared and informed on the longer term security issues.

      This seems to be a sensible approach and Miliband is right to take up the offer. After all, if the security services had their doubts about Miliband one would expect that the offer would not have been made in the first place.

  • crosland

    Personally, as long as ed doesn’t forget what kennedy did to nixon and handles it right I don’t have a problem.

  • grouchyoldgit

    With Labour’s lead so precarious he should beware the company he keeps. I hope this is not a precursor to Miliband supporting the snoopers charter (and that itself is not mere rubber stamping of current practice).


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