Senior SNP MSP and Salmond ally encourages anti-union campaigners to disrupt Murphy event

4th September, 2014 3:19 pm

I’m in Glasgow today as part of our coverage of the Scottish independence referendum. Anyone following me on Twitter today will have seen that there’s been some aggressive and unpleasant campaigning from some Yes supporters – but the official Yes campaign have always denied that they’ve co-ordinated any of this.

Later today, I’ll be watching Jim Murphy do the latest in his 100 streets in 100 days events. He’s had to stop them once before on police advice after receiving sustained abuse. Yet earlier this summer on Facebook, Joan McAlpine MSP – Salmond’s PPS and a close ally of the First Minister – shared this status encouraging people to attend and disrupt Murphy’s event, and which suggested that Yes campaigners are being bussed in to attend No events:


Let’s see how the SNP and the Yes campaign attempt to explain this one away…

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  • Lachie Macquarie

    You are not supposed to ask important questions? What’s wrong with asking questions? Where does it say anything about disruption? Or are you talking about, “the disruption”, that happened in 1843, when the Free Presbyterians broke away from the Church of Scotland, over it’s relationship with the State?

    • DRbilderburg

      The thing i find perplexing about the referendum debate, and this covers all the main Political Parties They all keep telling us how lucky Scotland are to have us ,and what it would cost them if they leave the union ,on that logic you’d think they’d want to get shot of Scotland ASAP and be falling over themselves to get rid of this tartan burden.Somehow i find it hard to believe that it’s about the welfare of the Scots, as our politicians would have us believe

      • Steve Stubbs

        Me too. The Scots are being bombarded with information on all the goodies they already get, and with promises of even more goodies if they stay. Telling them how generous the central government is, and how much better off they are with us rather than walking away. The only logic being that they must get more than they contribute if they are going to be poorer going.

        What the logic of this is I have no idea. It is seeping through to the southern voters that if the Scots can have all this largesse, then if they walk away there will be more for the rest of us, and the added bonus of 50 or so less expenses grubbers in Parliament. Seems like a win if they go.

        • DRbilderburg

          Oh there’s a reason they do not want the yes vote ,and it has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of the Scots

          • Steve Stubbs

            So what do you think it is then?

          • DRbilderburg

            it’s what you might call prime real estate It weakens the Union and empowers the Scots at our expense We are becoming isolated in Europe Scotland the independent threatens to make a bad situation regarding Europe even worse and the US most definitely want a pro EU UK

    • robertcp

      I agree. There is nothing wrong with people asking questions!

  • FrankieThompson

    Oh nasty.

    Turning up to “ask the important questions” ?

    Oooh, that is shocking.

    Whatever happened to the Labour Party ?

  • swatnan

    What eggsactly is the point of going up to Scotland, when we know the result is a forgone conclusion? Look, you can’t make an omlette without cracking eggs, and I guess the Union is undergoing the same kind of fracking.

  • dougthedug

    How dare the Yes campaign ask questions directed at the the holy Conservative and Labour alliance of Jim and Dave.

    It’s a disgrace that Yes can ask questions at public street meetings

    It’s a darkly hilarious consequence of the referendum that a supposed left-wing site is furious about the public asking questions at a joint Tory/Labour street event

  • Jack Fate

    whilst I have no doubt cybernats are organising a lot of this I don’t think this really proves much.
    I’ve been along to one, and Murphy handles the hecklers well. If you are organising a public meeting this is going to be part and parcel of what is involved.

  • Stan

    If someone is standing in a public place telling lies about you then I guess you’d want to get your supporters out there to counteract them. Works both ways 🙂

  • Mukkinese

    Not answering questions is hardly an accusation that carries any weight when flung by the Yes campaigners, since they cannot even say what Plan B is.

    It hardly matters anyway.

    Despite what many, journalists and nationalists, claim there is more than one poll on voting intentions and most of those that are ignored, for the sake of drama, still give the No camp a healthy lead…

  • Matthew Blott

    The point here is the SNP have denied they had anything to do with people turning up and disrupting No campaign events but here it is in black and white. Sure, they don’t tell people to riot but they can’t deny they don’t know anything about this as they have been.

  • uglyfatbloke

    Not at all sure that Murphy was advised to call off his tour by the police. Being hit with an egg is hardly life-threatening. OTH a pensioner and a pregnant lady getting knocked over in the street by BT campaigners did n’t make the news at all hardly. There’s nothing much to choose between Yes loonies and No loonies.


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