Losing here? New poll shows Labour 10 points ahead in Nick Clegg’s seat

4th February, 2015 10:00 pm

Nick Clegg

Labour are currently polling ten points ahead of the Liberal Democrats in Sheffield Hallam – Nick Clegg’s seat. Polling carried out by Survation for Unite the Union shows Labour on 33% of the vote and the Lib Dems on just 23%, only a point ahead of their coalition partners the Tories, on 22%.

The poll also found that over 45% of people felt that the NHS was the most important topic of the election, meaning that the Lib Dems could be facing a backlash for their support of healthcare reforms that have been widely condemned. The NHS is set to be the main focus of Labour’s election campaign, and this part of the polling will likely cheer up Sheffield Hallam Constituency Labour Party (CLP) almost as much as the voting intentions. Meanwhile, an astonishing 79% of people polled in the constituency said they were opposed to the inclusion of the NHS in Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal.

The Lib Dems have dismissed the poll, apparently solely on the basis that it has been paid for by a trade union – despite it being conducted by well-regarded pollsters Survation. A spokesperson for Nick Clegg told the Daily Mirror:

“It’s hardly surprising that a trade union-backed poll favours Labour, given their total reliance on big money from the trade unions.”

They do not appear to have specified what they believe is unfair about the way the polling was carried out. The poll does not seem to have carried the names of the candidates, however, and despite Clegg’s unpopularity nationwide, that could have given him a boost in his own constituency. Leaked private polling last year, carried out by a Lib Dem supporter, also showed Nick Clegg losing his seat.

Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey reacted to the polling by slamming the Lib Dem leader for his failure to protect the NHS in government:

“Nick Clegg backed the Tories over the health sell-off and he’s doing nothing to stop the irreversible privatisation of the NHS because of a dangerous trade deal called TTIP.”

“Why won’t he demand that David Cameron uses his veto to exclude the NHS from TTIP?”

Clegg was recently revealed to be dodging debates in Sheffield Hallam with his Labour opponent, Oliver Coppard, while at the same time calling out David Cameron for trying to weasel his way out of the TV debates. Nick Clegg doing one thing and saying another? Shocking, isn’t it?

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  • Michelle

    Hee hee hee. Wow I needed that.

    • reformist lickspittle

      As I said, modified joy.

      About as believable as Coatbridge going SNP, really 😉

    • Collette Mather

      Me too Michelle

  • paul barker

    Poll paid for by Unite- thats all we need to know.
    Anyone would think you were desperate to move on from the story about Scotland.

    • reformist lickspittle

      Yes, Unite of course knew what those Scottish poll results would be when they commissioned this poll 🙂

      FWIW I’m not getting too excited – this is I believe a generic VI question with no reference to the constituency or specific candidates.

      But that Clegg and diehard loyalists like yourself attack the messenger instead is pretty revealing. 6% in tonight’s YouGov, btw.

      • 1985Tom

        It didn’t name the candidates, but it did ask the voters how they would vote in “your Sheffield Hallam constituency”, so it was asking about local voting intention rather than national party identification.

        • reformist lickspittle

          So I now hear. Even more interesting, then.

          Unlike some incumbent LibDems, there is little evidence Clegg is so popular as to add a big bonus to the “raw” LibDem score. I expect some of that Tory vote to back him on the day, but even so those figures suggest Hallam is genuinely in play.

    • Mike Barnes

      Just because you pay for a poll doesn’t mean you get to choose the results.

      A polling company is not in the business of conducting dodgy polls or they will soon find their reputation damaged and they’ll be out of business.

      What normally happens is if something interesting is turned up, it will be released to the press. If the poll had shown Clegg coasting to victory UNITE would simply have put it in the bin, they’d have wasted their money and we’d never even know about it.

      • treborc1

        Or they would have published them in the hope of getting people to vote, in Wales they are talking of forcing people to vote a massive mistake for Wales, forcing people to vote could change the political scene to the detriment of labour and Plaid.

    • Mark Reilly

      Nice attempt at DoubleThink there..
      A Poll by Lord Ashcroft (a Tory) is a disaster for labour
      A Poll commissioned by Unit but carried out by Survation can’t be trusted.

      I’m worried about the Scottish Polls, perhaps it would be easier if I just dismissed them out of hand?

  • DonkeyJacket_Revolution

    If Clegg loses his seat justice will have been served.


      As little as 10 points! At least they should be able to field a parliamentary football team post May – but only under five-a-side rules.

  • treborc1

    Clegg and Danny Alexander has to be a targets for labour, plus that old labour lad Cable now a full blown Tory, these people are the worse of all types of politicians turn coats.

    But out of all of them that Smug Git Danny Alexander who has settled into his Tory task with much ease, and I suspect he is hoping to move to the Tories if he keeps his seat. These people cannot live without the thrill of power, for him to go back to a life time in the back benches would be to much.

    It would be worth voting labour to see that but in my area the Liberals and the Tories are not an issue the liberals come third with a Tiny number of votes and the Tories come well down the list in fourth.


      I think the SNP will send Alexander on his way.

  • Ian

    A crumb of comfort from the polls at last. Who has the other 22% btw?

    • treborc1

      More then likely UKIP, no it’s labour no it’s the Tories who really cares so long as it’s not Clegg

  • Monkey_Bach

    A majority of the Liberal Democrat grass roots loathe what their leadership have been complicit in and done as the whipping boy of the coalition, so outcomes like this are hardly surprising. His own constituency rejecting the “Deputy Prime Minister” after taking his party into one term coalition government with the Conservatives would be a fitting end to Clegg’s political career.

    The Tories have run rings around this clot for half a decade.

    What a fool.


    • Ian

      Yeah, totally agree, but it won’t be the end – he’ll get a sinecure in Brussels for a fortune.

      • Monkey_Bach

        That’s a dead cert as long as the United Kingdom stays in the EEC which is a moot point. As things stand if an in-out referendum is held in the next parliament Great Britain very probably would withdraw from the EU and Clegg’s European political adventure would be over.


        • treborc1

          Well so long as the oaf is out of view who cares, it does seem to be a retirement base for failure. Look at the Kinnocks, settle for life with a few million in the bank.

    • BillFrancisOConnor

      Nice to read some negative remarks about the Fib Dems from you at last, Monkey.

    • BillFrancisOConnor

      ‘A majority of the Liberal Democrat grass roots loathe what their leadership have been complicit in and done as the whipping boy of the coalition’……………………….


  • Ben Gardner

    I have to admit to being a bit torn on this. I find it hard to dislike Clegg personally, unlike a real Tory politician his heart does seem to be in the right place most of the time. But he’s just allowed the Lib Dems to be completely used by the Tories and someone has to take the blame for the series of betrayals. The tuition fee thing alone is reason enough to want him out of his job. I’m sure a nice cushy private sector job awaits for a former DPM.

    • Mark Reilly

      Obviously he couldn’t go to the house of lords as he doesn’t agree with the current system..oh hang on it’s Clegg … he’s probably already been measured for his Ermine Robes!

      • wolfman

        He’s definitiely going to rule that out in May………..June however ??

        Nice one..

      • Ian

        He could sit beside Lord Prescott and Lord Kinnock.

  • imw101

    Well done. About as surprising as the local Jewish candidate being ahead of the EDL candidate in Golders Green.

  • Mark Reilly

    Well, Well, Well…..
    Turns out that the Lord Ashcroft Poll from November was WRONG and Clegg was 3 points BEHIND Labour rather than ahead as reported

    So looks like UNITE/Survation poll is telling the same story NOT some union plot!


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