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  • Ed’s interview with the British people

    “Hi, come on in. Sorry to keep you waiting but we’ve had quite a few of these interviews to get through…It’s Ed, isn’t it? Let me introduce everyone – we’re the British people. I understand you’ve met quite a few of us already. Do you...

  • Ukip have no plan for the future

    Lunchtime yesterday, eleven days on from the Scottish referendum, I found myself back on a street corner talking politics. And although the break-up of the UK wasn’t on people’s lips, some of the issues in the centre of Middleton were the same. A...

  • I bet Labour will win the Rochester and Strood by-election

    I am new to dabbling in political betting and may not quite have got the hang of it, as my rather minimal bets so far have been on things that I hope will happen, rather than I expect to. In this spirit I have bet £5 at odds of 10-1 that Labour will...

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  • Theoderic Braun: No. Although I dislike Labour's Compulsory Job Guarante
  • David Lewis: Yes for once I completely agree with you. I cannot vote
  • Ian Robathan: the real question is will we pledge the same or actuall
  • Theoderic Braun: My point is that Osborne is not honest but a confidence
  • Steve Stubbs: Have it on subscription my friend, and have had for man

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