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  • The mess left by the Trojan Horse

    The Peter Clarke report into the Trojan Horse allegations in Birmingham schools is an impressive piece of investigative work marred by some wishy-washy recommendations. But it deserved more than it got from the new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan in...

  • Why Labour should make energy efficiency their top infrastructure priority

     Melting into a sweaty puddle in a boiling hot office it’s easy to forget the winter, and the fact that every year, thousands of people die from living in cold homes. But they do, and it’s a national scandal. Millions more can’t afford to keep...

  • Who governs: governments or business?

    Who, in reality, makes the rules we live by? This is a question that has grown in importance as we see multinational corporations casting their net across the globe. Big business is often at the heart of some lobbying scandal or conspiracy theories about...

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