How did the shadow cabinet do in 2011?

4th January, 2012 11:30 am

Which shadow cabinet members are most popular with LabourList readers? Our latest shadow cabinet league table sees Tom Watson on top, which is perhaps unsurprising considering his elevation to the shadow cabinet in the wake of the phone hacking scandal. The three places directly below him are taken up by those we’ve labelled in the past as “the untouchables” – Burnham, Cooper and Balls – who remain consistently popular with Labour supporters. The understated but consistent Hilary Benn is in 5th, and two of Labour’s rising stars – Reeves and Umunna – find themselves comfortably in the top ten after just a few months.

There’s less comfortable reading for more established names at the bottom of our rankings, and it’s worth bearing in mind that shadow cabinet members ranked from 17th downwards have a net negative rating with LabourList readers – that means more of you have a negative opinion of them than a positive one.

1. Tom Watson
2. Andy Burnham
3. Yvette Cooper
4. Ed Balls
5. Hilary Benn
6. Chuka Umunna
7. Douglas Alexander
8. Rachel Reeves
9. Jim Murphy
10. Harriet Harman
11. Angela Eagle
12. Maria Eagle
13. Liz Kendall
14. Sadiq Khan
15. Peter Hain
16. Emily Thornberry
17. Vernon Coaker
18. Michael Dugher
19. Jon Trickett
20. Margaret Curran
21. Mary Creagh
22. Stephen Twigg
23. Caroline Flint
24. Tessa Jowell
25. Rosie Winterton
26. Liam Byrne
27. Ivan Lewis

Stay tuned to LabourList throughout the week for the rest of the results from our 2011 survey including the biggest event of the year for Labour (Tomorrow) and your Labour MP of the year (Friday).

743 people voted in our end of year survey between December 23rd and January 2nd – thanks to everyone who took part.

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