David Miliband to chair discussion as part of Labour’s policy review

David Miliband is set to chair a discussion on the theme of “rebuilding the economy” as part of Labour’s policy review. David has been doing lectures with Jon Cruddas for a while now – but as far as I can tell this is the first set since Cruddas became Labour’s policy chief (or “secretary” of the policy review as he prefers to call it…).

Miliband will chair a session on “Creating a British Investment Bank” at the end of the month, with the other lectures in the series (“A banking system that works for Britain” and “What kind of private sector do we need?”) being chaired by Cruddas.

Whilst this seems to stop short of Miliband taking an official or even semi-official role in the policy review, it suggests that he will still play an active part, thanks to his relationship with those running it.

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