Labour’s 43 welfare sanctions rebels


Update: Actually – there were more than 40 Labour MPs rebelling tonight – there were 43. 40 MPs rebelled at the 2nd reading by voting against the Bill, and 35 voted against the 3rd reading. There were a total of 43 MPs rebelling against the Labour whip.

The vast majority of Labour MPs abstained on the Jobseekers Bill this afternoon – as they were whipped to do – despite the fact that the Bill sought to protect sanctions for a system that Labour thinks is worse than useless. But a significant number of Labour MPs – 44 (almost 1 in 6) – voted against the Bill – when the “payroll” vote is removed, that’s a significant proportion of the backbenches.

Here is the list of Labour’s sanctions rebels – first up on the second reading (40 rebels):

And here’s the list of rebels at the third reading (36 rebels):

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