The Tory Taliban’s “Alternative Queen’s Speech” in full


Yesterday I wrote about the “Alternative Queen’s Speech” that the Tory Right have tabled (via Private Member’s Bills) in the Commons. Here are all 40 of them, along with a brief explanation of what each of them actually means:

1. Face Coverings (Prohibition) – banning the Burka
2. National Service – bring back national service for young people
3. European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) – leaving the EU
4. Young Offenders (Parental Responsibility) – parents would be legally responsible for young offenders crimes
5. Foreign National Offenders (Exclusion from the United Kingdom) – Anyone convicted of a crime would be barred from the UK
6. Asylum Seekers (Return to Nearest Safe Country) – sending asylum seekers to the nearest “safe country” to their home country
7. Prisoners (Completion of Custodial Sentences) – all criminals would have to serve their full sentences
8. Fishing Grounds and Territorial Waters (Repatriation) – claim certain fighing areas as “sovereign” UK territory
9. School Governing Bodies (Adverse Weather Conditions) – schools will be forced to open during adverse weather
10. Capital Punishment – introducing the death penalty
11. Government Departments  – Amalgamates the Scotland Office, Wales Office and Northern Ireland Office) –
12. Residential Roads – new roads must be adopted by the Local Highways Authority
13. Equality and Diversity (Reform) – make positive discrimination illegal. Also would make Labour’s use of AWS illegal
14. Sentencing Escalator – tougher sentences for repeat offenders
15. Leasehold Reform (Amendment) – amends the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993
16. BBC Licence Fee (Civil Debt) – would make no longer a crime not to pay the license fee
17. Smoking (Private Members’ Clubs) – ending the smoking ban by stealth
18. Margaret Thatcher Day – renaming the August Bank Holiday after Thatcher
19. Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) – ending co-ordinated attempts to deal with climate change
20. Married Couples (Tax Allowance) Mr Peter Bone – tax cuts for married couples
21. Foreign Aid Ring-Fencing (Abolition) – ending the UK’s commitment to 0.7% GDP spending on aid
22. Charitable Status for Religious Institutions – assumes all religious institutions are automatically charities
23. Same Sex Marriage (Referendum) – puts Equal Marriage to a referendum
24. Wind Farm Subsidies (Abolition) – ends government subsidies for wind farms
25. Withdrawal from the ECHR – leaving the European court (under the auspicies of dealing with terrorism)
26. Romanian and Bulgarian Accession (Labour Restriction) – restricts the rights of these two nationalities to work in the UK
27. BBC Privatisation – privatises the BBC and hands “shares” to all license fee payers
28. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Abolition) – abolishes Nick Clegg
29. Prime Minister (Replacement) – puts in place an order of succession if the PM is killed or incapacitated
30. United Kingdom (Withdrawal from the European Union) – leaving the EU (again)
31. Asylum (Time Limit) – places a time limit (3 months) on how long an asylum seeker has to claim asylum
32. Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) – restricts EU citizens access to UK benefits
33. Illegal Immigrants (Criminal Sanctions) – criminalise those who have entered the country illegally
34. Sexual Impropriety in Employment – abolishes sexual harassment cases in the workplace (except if a crime has been committed)
35. Collection of Nationality Data – data to be collected on the nationality of benefit claimants
36. Foreign Nationals (Access to Public Services)
37. House of Lords (Maximum Membership) – sets a limit on the number of Lords, and stops more being appointed
38. Control of Offshore Wind Turbines – restrict the height, number, location and subsidies of wind turbines situated offshore
39. Employment Opportunities – presumably another attempt to undermine the minimum wage and employment rights
40. EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) – commission a study of the benefits and costs of UK membership of the EU

Although the Bills are believed to have been jointly conceived by Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone, David Nuttall and Christopher Chope – who queued together for four days to have these put forward – the bills are each attributed to a specific MP:

1-17: Philip Hollobone
18-29: Peter Bone
20-40: Peter Bone (on behalf of Christopher Chope)

It’s by and large a wish list for the extremists on the hard right of the Tory Party. By contrast, lets take a look at just a few of the Private Mamber’s Bills tabled by Labour MPs:

Thomas Docherty – Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination), Train Companies (Minimum Fares), Lobbyists (Registration of Code of Conduct),

Andy Sawford – Gangmasters Licensing Authority (Extension of Powers), Zero Hours Contracts

Priorities, priorities…

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