Corbyn’s recess policy blitz proves popular but Tories open up 21 point lead


Voters approve of policies that Jeremy Corbyn has announced in the last few weeks, but despite this the Tory lead over Labour widens.

Raising the minimum wage to £10 is approved of by 71 per cent of Britons, with 18 per cent against and 11 per cent unsure, when presented as Labour party policy. When presented as a Corbyn policy, support slightly wavers – with 68 per cent in favour, 21 per cent disagreeing and 11 per cent unsure.

Raising the top rate of tax is also supported by the majority, with 62 per cent agreeing with a 50p top rate of tax for income over £150,000, 22 per cent disagreeing and 16 per cent unsure.

The top rate tax raises becomes slightly more popular when presented as a Corbyn policy, rather than branded as Labour, with 65 per cent support, 22 per cent against and 13 per cent unsure.

Free school meals for all primary children, paid for by putting VAT on private school fees, is backed by 53 per cent of people, with 35 per cent disagreeing and 12 per cent unsure. When presented as a Corbyn policy, this changes to 52 per cent support, 36 per cent against and 13 per cent unsure.

In the ComRes polling done for The Independent and The Mirror, the Tories enjoy a 21 point lead over Labour, and could expect 46 per cent of the vote were a general election held tomorrow, an increase of four points. Labour would get a quarter of the vote, and the Liberal Democrats 11 per cent.

UKIP could expect 9 per cent, the SNP 4 per cent, the Greens 4 per cent and others 2 per cent. Three in ten, 31 per cent, of 2015 general election UKIP voters now say they would vote Conservative.

An Opinium poll from a few days ago, however, only gives the Tories a 9 point lead over Labour, with 38 per cent support. Labour could expect 29 per cent support, the Lib Dems seven per cent and UKIP 14 per cent.

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