Council by-elections: Labour holds Chester ward but loses London seat to Tories


Labour has retained a council seat in Chester with nearly 60 per cent of the vote on a night when just two wards were contested.

In the other vote in Kenton East, Harrow, Labour lost their seat to the Tories.

The party saw its support inch up as it took the seat in West Cheshire and Chester comfortably ahead of the Tories.

Overall Labour held Blacon with 59.1 per cent of the vote while the Tories came a distant second with 21.8 per cent.

It comes a week after Labour suffered a surprise loss in its north-east heartlands when the Tories narrowly took a ward in Middlesbrough.


Blacon (West Cheshire and Chester)

Labour hold
Labour: 59.1 per cent (+1.6)
Conservatives 21.8 per cent (+4)
Independent: 16.5 per cent (+16.5)
Lib Dems 2.7 per cent (+2.7)


Kenton East (Harrow)

Conservative gain from Labour
Conservative 52.3 per cent (+19.5)
Labour 43.8 per cent (+1.3)
Liberal Democrat 2.1 per cent (+2.1)
UKIP 1.8 per cent (-9.6)
Independent Labour Group 0 per cent (-13.4)

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