Labour should not back the US bombing of Syria – reader survey results

20th April, 2017 5:00 pm

Labour should not back Donald Trump’s aerial assault on President Assad, LabourList readers have overwhelmingly said.

Some 70 per cent said the party must not support the US, with just over one in five, 22 per cent, saying that the party should swing behind the US action. Nine per cent were unsure.

Labour politicians were divided on whether the military assault was a bad thing, with Jeremy Corbyn fearing that it could risk an escalation in the conflict, while John Woodcock wrote a piece for LabourList arguing the strikes were in keeping with our internationalist tradition. Deputy leader Tom Watson was in favour of the strikes.

Readers were strongly in favour of a minimum wage that does not discriminate based on age – with 80 per cent backing the measure. Just 16 per cent were against it, and five per cent unsure.

Labour proposed a higher minimum wage by 2020, of £10, and for it to be equalised for all over 18s.

Universal free school meals are popular with our readers, with 83 per cent in support compared to just 13 against, while four per cent were unsure.

Angela Rayner and Corbyn announced Labour’s policy to provide free school meals for all primary pupils, paid for by adding VAT to private school fees, during a recess policy blitz which also featured a pledge to increase the minimum wage.

2,374 people took part in this week’s survey – thanks to everyone who contributed. 

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