This is not a protest vote – Kezia’s warning as she launches local election push

18th April, 2017 9:00 am

Votes in next month’s local elections “really matter” and shouldn’t be used as a protest against the Scottish nationalist’ push for independence, Kezia Dugdale warns today.

Backing the Tories is not an option, Dugdale will say, describing them as “a party itching to cut even more money from our valued public services”.

“If you vote for the Tories, you are voting for them to be in power – to take control of your council services,” Scotland’s Labour leader is expected to say, “not to be in opposition or to protest against independence.”

Dugdale will launch Labour’s local election campaign today in Edinburgh, alongside her deputy Alex Rowley.

“Voting in this election isn’t a protest vote. Your vote in this election really matters.”

“So, before you vote, think about whether you want a Tory in charge of elderly care, social services and schools,” she will caution.

“If we need any reminder of what Tories do in power, just look at what happened last week.”

“Ruth Davidson – who we were told was a different type of Tory – stood up and took a stand… not against poverty or injustice or the mistreatment of someone, but to justify the abhorrent rape clause.”

The Tories in Westminster introduced the rape clause, where a woman would need to prove that a third or subsequent child was conceived as a result of rape or coercion in order to claim benefits for that child.

“That should tell you everything you need to know about the Tories: not modern; not forward looking; not compassionate; and desperate to hide their true colours.”

“That’s Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives – ruthless. Local services will not be safe in their hands.”

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