Corbyn to visit top target seat as his campaigning tour hits North Wales

19th August, 2017 12:02 am

Jeremy Corbyn is to visit the top Labour target seat today as he continues his summer of campaigning.

The Labour leader will visit Arfon, which Plaid Cymru held with a 92 vote majority, and the Tories’ Aberconwy, which has a majority of 635 votes. Arfon is Labour’s top target in Wales.

“People in Wales need a government in Westminster that is on their side,” Corbyn said ahead of his visit.

“Prices are surging ahead of wages, as all but the richest face a lost decade under the Tories. People need a pay rise – Labour will bring in a £10 minimum wage by 2020 and end the public sector pay cap – and bills to be brought under control.”

“We will end the rip off of privatised rail and introduce an emergency energy price cap while we create the option of a publicly-owned energy system, to put money and control back in people’s hands,” he added.

“The next Labour government will transform our economy. We will develop the jobs, skills, infrastructure and industries of the future through an investment-led approach, supported by our National Transformation Fund and a Welsh development bank, building on the Welsh Labour government’s Development Bank of Wales.”

“Today, I’m campaigning in the Conservative-held marginal of Aberconwy and Plaid-held Arfon as part of Labour’s summer campaign in marginal constituencies across the country. We can win here and form the next government that will work for the many not the few,” he finished.

You can read a full overview of Labour’s target seats here.

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