Final council by-election results – Labour easily holds northern seats as Greens oust Tories in West Midlands

24th November, 2017 2:30 pm

Labour held a string of seats in towns north of London last night as the Tories lost one ward when their vote collapsed in the West Midlands.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party retained seats in Wakefield, Stockton, Leicester and South Lanarkshire while Theresa May’s team surrendered one to the Greens in Herefordshire.

Overall Labour and the Tories each held four wards on a night of 10 by-elections.

Plaid Cymru also kept hold of their seat in Neath Port Talbot.

The slide of UKIP continued as they didn’t win any seats and failed to stand candidates in four wards where they had done so previously.


Wakefield West (Wakefield)

Labour hold

Labour 49.6 per cent (+7.1)

Conservative: 41.4 per cent (+12.5)

Yorkshire 6.9 per cent (+6.9)

Lib Dems: 2.0 per cent (+2.0)

No UKIP (-22.3), Greens (-5.0) and TUSC (-1.2) as previously.


St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe (Dover). 

Conservative hold

Conservative: 70.5 per cent (+17.7)

Labour: 29.5 per cent (+7.6)

No UKIP (-25.4) as previously.


Perth City South (Perth & Kinross)

Conservative hold after vote transfers.

SNP: 32.1 per cent (+6.3)

Conservative: 31.2 per cent (+6.0)

Lib Dems: 28.8 per cent (-5.9)

Labour: 5.7 per cent (-0.7)

Greens: 1.8 per cent (-1.2)

Independent: 0.5 per cent (+0.5)


Chalford (Stroud)

Conservative hold

Conservative 45.2 per cent (+8.6)

Labour 25.4 per cent (-6.1)

Greens: 20.6 per cent (-11.3)

Lib Dems: 8.8 per cent (+8.8)


Bishops Frome and Cradley (Herefordshire) result:

Green gain from Conservative

Greens: 45.3 per cent (+13.9)

Conservative: 28.8 per cent (-39.8)

Lib Dems: 24.1 per cent (+24.1)

Labour: 1.8 per cent (+1.8)


Rutherglen Central & North (South Lanarkshire)

Labour hold 

Labour: 38.5 per cent (+7.5) (first preferences)

SNP: 27.4 per cent (-12.0)

Lib Dems: 18.2 per cent (+8.9)

Conservative: 12.1 per cent (-4.2)

Greens 2.9 per cent (-1.1)

UKIP: 0.9 per cent (+0.9)


Parkfield & Oxbridge (Stockton-on-Tees)

Labour hold

Labour: 54.7 per cent (+2.2)

Conservative: 30.8 per cent (-1.1)

Independent: 11.7 per cent (+11.7)

Lib Dems: 2.8 per cent (-2.9)

No UKIP (-9.9 per cent) as previously.


Grumbolds Ash with Avening (Cotswold)

Conservative hold

Conservative: 64.7 per cent (-6.8)

Lib Dems: 21.0 per cent (-7.6)

Labour: 14.3 per cent (+14.3)


Bryn-côch South (Neath Port Talbot)

Plaid Cymru hold

Plaid Cymru: 49.5 per cent (+4.5)

Labour: 28.8 per cent (+4.5)

Conservative: 9.9 per cent (-9.5)

Lib Dems: 8.7 per cent (+3.3)

UKIP: 3.1 per cent (+3.1)


Eyres Monsell (Leicester)

Labour hold

Labour: 53.2 per cent (+10.6)

Lib Dems: 30.6 per cent (+23.1)

Conservative: 16.3 per cent (-1.9)

No UKIP (-25.8 per cent) as previously.

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