Labour’s Brexit strategy is the right one, say LabourList readers

LabourList readers believe that the latest Brexit strategy being considered by Labour – which would see the party abstain on Theresa May’s deal on the condition that it was put to a public vote – is the right course of action, our latest survey has found.

57% of 4,726 respondents approved of the plan, which is likely to be implemented via an amendment at the next meaningful vote before 12th March, while 43% opposed it.

The survey also found that LabourList readers are narrowly in favour of allowing all Labour MPs – including frontbenchers – to freely campaign for their preferred choice in a fresh EU referendum.

Over 47% agreed with the idea of suspending cabinet collective responsibility in another public vote, as happened in the 1975 EEC referendum, while more than 45% believed Labour should take a position for frontbenchers to follow. Over 7% were not sure.

Some Labour MPs have suggested that a referendum would be invalid unless the popular option of ‘no deal’ were on the ballot paper, but also that this would be irresponsible – and there should therefore not be a public vote at all.

Asked whether ‘no deal’ should be an option in a fresh EU referendum, LabourList readers were strongly opposed, with almost 68% against and over 32% in favour.

If a choice were presented to the public without a ‘no deal’ option, an overwhelming majority of LabourList readers – 84% – say they would opt for ‘Remain’ rather than vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Just 5.7% of respondents chose May’s deal. A further 7.9% said they would rather spoil their ballot or abstain, and 2.5% didn’t know how they would vote.

1. Labour could abstain at the next meaningful vote on the condition that Theresa May’s deal is then put to the public in another referendum. Is this the right course of action for the Labour Party?

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  1. Yes – 56.9% (2,660)
  2. No – 43.1% (2,017)

2. If another EU referendum is held, should ‘no deal’ be an option on the ballot paper?

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  1. No – 67.8% (3,147)
  2. Yes – 32.2% (1,493)

3. In a referendum in which the options on the ballot paper were ‘Remain’ and ‘Theresa May’s deal’, how would you vote?

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  1. Remain – 83.9% (3,965)
  2. Spoil ballot/not vote – 7.9% (374)
  3. May’s deal – 5.7% (268)
  4. Don’t know – 2.5% (119)

4. During a campaign for that referendum, should all Labour MPs be free to campaign for their preferred choice?

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  1. Yes – they should all be free to campaign for their preferred choice – 47.4% (2,222)
  2. No – Labour should take a collective position for its frontbenchers to follow – 45.4% (2,126)
  3. Don’t know – 7.2% (336)

The survey was open from 9am on Friday 1st March until 8pm on Sunday 3rd March. Thank you to all 4,726 readers who took part.

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