‘2023 was a huge success for Labour councillors. Now we must build on that’

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We were delighted to be elected late last year as the new chair and vice-chair on the executive of the Association of Labour Councillors (ALC), supporting Labour councillors up and down the country to deliver vital change for their communities.  

The ALC represents all Labour councillors in England, Scotland and Wales, with all councillors automatically becoming members of the ALC when they’re elected. The ALC is affiliated to the Labour Party and, along with the other nine executive members, we advocate for the vital role of local government in delivering Labour’s vision locally.

Labour in local government is already delivering for communities

2023 was a brilliant year for the ALC and for Labour in local government. We became the largest party in local government for the first time in over a decade and welcomed 22 new Labour council leaders and over 500 new councillors to the ALC.

As we head towards a general election, we’re more ready than ever to build on this success and fight for a Labour government – a government that will acknowledge the crucial role of local government in delivering so many vital services.  

But millions of people up and down the country are already living under a Labour administration – and they are better off for it. It is important that we shout about the work Labour councillors undertake on behalf of residents, supporting them in the face of the cost-of-living crisis, tackling climate change and helping to make our streets safer.

We know that the country’s problems can’t be solved without locally-led innovation, and where we are already in power, Labour councils are delivering opportunities for their communities. 

The ALC ensures Labour councillors are heard and supported

As a sector, local government is going through an impossibly difficult time. Local authorities of all colours are facing unprecedented demand for services, as well as rising costs and inflationary pressures. At our own councils in Medway and Birmingham, we are seeing first-hand the results of 14 years of Tory mismanagement. 

But the ALC is a friendly movement for councillors to support each other through this and share best practice. Along with our colleagues on the ALC executive, we ensure the issues Labour councillors raise are heard by the party and support is given to councillors who need it.  

We also work to access extra support for councillors within the party too. We recently secured free ex-officio passes for all councillors at annual conference and introduced a waiver of the ALC levy for councillors on low incomes. We have also worked with Mental Health First Aid England to deliver mental health first aid training.

This year, we hope to build on the work the party is undertaking to encourage members from underrepresented groups to stand as Labour councillors and ensure support is in place for them. Please do get in touch with your regional representative if you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to see implemented.

Labour local government conference takes place this weekend

We have also been involved with ‘Project Victory’, a brilliant programme of training and development for Labour leaders, councillors and candidates in the run-up to the local elections.

We’re looking forward to catching up with lots of Labour councillors from across the country at Labour local government conference this weekend, where Project Victory will continue.

There’s over 30 training sessions taking place as part of Project Victory campaign training day, all aimed to equip leaders and councillors with the skills to deliver Labour victories and bring about vital change. The conference – run jointly by the ALC and the LGA Labour group – is a fantastic chance for councillors to come together, network and share best practice.  

As we head towards the local and mayoral elections in May, and a possible general election, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible work Labour councillors undertake every day to improve their communities. We really look forward to campaigning with Labour councillors across the country to deliver Labour victories.  

Please do get in touch with your ALC regional representative if there’s any support or advice we can offer to you or your Labour group:

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