Mike Hedges: We’ve got OMOV. Now let’s elect Mark Drakeford as leader

17th September, 2018 8:52 am 0 comments

Having decided on a new electoral system to replace our outdated electoral college system with one-member-one-vote (OMOV), the Welsh Labour Party is about to seek nominations for a new leader of the Labour party in Wales and Labour’s nomination for First Minister. Ballot papers will be sent out later in the year and the results announced on December 9th. Before Christmas we will have a new leader and First Minister in Wales. With a Conservative/DUP government in Westminster, an SNP […]

Ann Black: Mandatory reselection? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

17th September, 2018 8:45 am 0 comments

Alongside the democracy review, conference will debate rule changes that would replace trigger ballots for Labour MPs with “open selections” where any member can put themselves forward on an equal footing.  Most of the talk has been about principles. Here I will focus on the practical consequences for electing Labour to government. Currently sitting MPs are reselected if they receive more than half the nominations of local party and affiliate branches. These trigger ballots cost virtually nothing and can be […]

If Labour’s NEC wants politics ‘for the many’, it’ll back open selection

17th September, 2018 8:30 am 0 comments

Democracy and accountability are core principles of Labour’s reinvigorated political programme. They are central to our proposals for taking back control of our utilities. They are the principle concerns of our democracy review. But Labour still lacks democracy and accountability when it comes to the selection and reselection of our parliamentary candidates. The Open Selection constitutional amendment submitted by Labour International CLP to this year’s conference would change that, guaranteeing all Labour members a democratic vote to chose the best […]

Constructive ambiguity on Brexit must end. Labour should back a people’s vote now

16th September, 2018 12:38 pm 0 comments

My journey through the Labour Party has been an eventful one. I first became a member at 15 and after becoming seriously ill and undergoing chemotherapy, I began to call the party my home. From then on I’ve become an unashamedly active Labour member, as chair of Exeter University’s Labour Party, a Labour MP’s intern and a regular on the #LabourDoorstep. Over the last year, one topic was certain to come up with voters: Brexit. But it isn’t the Brexit […]

Children are back at school – and back to being let down by the Tories

14th September, 2018 12:44 pm 0 comments

A few days ago, millions of children returned to school in my borough and across the country. It was a day of hope for many of them and they put their trust in dedicated teachers and – by extension – the local authorities that fund most schools. Schools in Lambeth, where I serve on the council, have seen real improvements over the years. That makes me immeasurably proud – but a dark cloud hangs over the future of many institutions […]

No open selection conference debate would be a “great betrayal”, says Momentum

14th September, 2018 10:47 am 0 comments

Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning. With just over a week to go until thousands of party members and delegates visit Liverpool to enjoy (or dutifully attend) Labour conference, activists are talking about what will make it to the floor. That is, whether the two big ones – Brexit and mandatory reselection – are debated, and which motions on those topics are voted through. Yesterday saw the deadline for sending contemporary motions to conference […]

WATCH: “We have been lied to on Brexit,” says Faiza Shaheen

14th September, 2018 9:29 am 0 comments

Faiza Shaheen, director of thinktank CLASS and a Corbynite selected parliamentary candidate, told BBC Question Time audience members that the country had been “lied to quite severely on Brexit”. “We’ve just gone round and round in circles. It strikes me that we have been lied to quite severely on Brexit about what was possible,” Shaheen said. “We were told it would be really easy to get a trade deal, that we would be able to get rid of bureaucracy… that we […]

“We are facing an addiction and substance misuse crisis” – Jon Ashworth’s full speech

13th September, 2018 2:05 pm 0 comments

Good afternoon, may I start by thanking you for the invitation to offer a few remarks to you today and to let you know when I received the invitation it was one I very quickly accepted. I address you today as a Labour MP and someone who aspires to be the Health and Social Care Secretary in the next Labour government. And the reason I so wanted to join you today is because I want to be a Health Secretary […]

Daily briefing: Ashworth, Abbott and Welsh Labour

13th September, 2018 11:00 am 0 comments

Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning. Labour news over the last 24 hours has mainly focussed on the parliamentary pass of Jeremy Corbyn’s private secretary, or lack thereof. The Huffington Post revealed yesterday that the aide has been working in the Labour leader’s office without full security clearance. And if that’s not a Westminster bubble story, I don’t know what is. Following Tom Watson’s remarkably personal intervention on Type 2 diabetes, Jon Ashworth will today warn that […]

Shelly Asquith: Six highlights from TUC Congress 2018

13th September, 2018 9:20 am 0 comments

What went down at TUC Conference? It was the 150th anniversary Congress of the TUC this week, taking place in Manchester – right where it all started in 1868. Among the hundreds of speeches and dozens of fringes, here are some of the most significant things that happened. Congress backs a vote on the Brexit deal A statement by the TUC’s general council was voted through by Congress that shifted its position on Brexit, though it’s not as straightforward as much […]


  • Comment Featured Neil Coyle: Profiteering from terrorism must end

    Neil Coyle: Profiteering from terrorism must end

    Last year the UK experienced terror attacks and tragedy on an unprecedented scale. As families and communities tried to come to terms with loss and bereavement, British people demonstrated typical generosity and determination by donating huge sums to the victims and families affected. The great, Great British public donated £10m to the people affected by the Manchester Arena attack, the Grenfell disaster and the London Bridge and Borough Market terrorism in my own constituency. Sadly, not everyone involved in helping […]

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  • Featured Local Government News Local Labour leaders attack Tory austerity with new campaign

    Local Labour leaders attack Tory austerity with new campaign

    24 Labour council leaders and 12 local Labour group leaders have signed an open letter calling on Theresa May’s administration to recognise the impact of austerity on local government and reverse it. The letter, which accuses the government of “destroying the social contract”, kicks off a campaign to be launched by Councils Against Austerity at party conference. The group aims to raise awareness of the effects Tory cuts have had on local councils and service provision. Below is their open letter in […]

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  • Featured News Labour’s NEC set to agree on ‘third way’ model for parliamentary reselection

    Labour’s NEC set to agree on ‘third way’ model for parliamentary reselection

    Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning. I hope you’re still fascinated by Labour’s internal wrangling over party democratisation, because daily developments are likely to crop up throughout this week and conference. As reported over the last couple of days, those arguing for open parliamentary selections – mainly Momentum – have faced hurdles. The most important was yesterday’s NEC meeting, and it’s safe to say that didn’t go particularly well for them. It turns out that Ann […]

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  • Comment Featured Unions Matt Wrack: Labour must vow to scrap all anti-union laws – beyond the Trade Union Act 2016

    Matt Wrack: Labour must vow to scrap all anti-union laws – beyond the Trade Union Act 2016

    Our Tory anti-union laws represent one of the foremost constraints preventing working-class people from winning better conditions at work and making gains in wider politics. That’s why at this year’s Labour Party conference I’ll be speaking at a fringe meeting organised by The Clarion magazine that focuses on Labour and the vital question of anti-trade union laws. The FBU works hard to maximise our turnout and vote in ballots, most recently demonstrated by the magnificent 9-1 vote for action in […]

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  • Comment Featured To stop the political silencing, we’re starting a new network: Labour & Palestine

    To stop the political silencing, we’re starting a new network: Labour & Palestine

    During the debates over the summer, for those listening, there was one message from Palestinians here and in Palestine. “Why aren’t you talking about us anymore?” One prominent Palestinian campaigner asked privately in a Skype conversation from Ramallah – it feels like we have been ‘pushed under a bus’ by the British Labour and trade union movement. It was not a quiet summer for Palestinians – Trump and the Netanyahu-led Israeli government were busy trying to kick a viable Palestinian […]

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