Labour’s anti-racist history shows why we must lead the battle against Islamophobia

9th December, 2017 7:00 am 0 comments

The Labour Party has always been at the forefront of tackling prejudice, whether it was workers uniting against fascism on Cable Street in east London in 1936 or when the last Labour government legislated for “freedom of religion” through the human rights act in 1998. It is those values of equality and solidarity that led the Greater London Council to sponsor the first ever black history month event 30 years. In the last few days, Islamophobia awareness month has come to […]

“The desire to help create a better life for all burns within us” – Corbyn speech at UN

8th December, 2017 3:34 pm 0 comments

Speaking at the United Nation’s Geneva headquarters today, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:  Thank you Paul for that introduction. And let me give a special thanks to the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. Your work gives an important platform to marginalised voices for social justice to challenge policy makers and campaign for change. I welcome pressure both on my party the British Labour Party and on my leadership to put social justice front and […]

Denis MacShane: Why Michael Gove’s agenda was behind the PM’s Brexit deal

8th December, 2017 1:00 pm 0 comments

In March, Michel Barnier told me he had offered Britain a two year transition period after April 2019 in which we could trade freely without tariffs or duties provided London accepted existing EU rules and laws on social protection, environmental obligation and rights of EU citizens. If he told me this and I could put it in a book published a few months later I assumed it was no secret and British ministers had been made this offer. But it […]

Ridiculous and late – Khan, Starmer and O’Grady lead Labour reaction to PM’s deal

8th December, 2017 10:55 am 0 comments

Figures from across the labour movement have given their take on Theresa May’s deal with EU leaders, which was announced this morning. Richard Corbett, Labour’s leader in the European parliament: While it is good that progress has been made, it can hardly be described as a success that nine months on from the triggering of article 50, we are only now in a position for the real negotiations to begin. And even this deal leaves many details and questions unresolved, for […]

Former candidate Savage selected again for target seat of Southport

8th December, 2017 9:37 am 0 comments

A highly experienced parliamentary candidate with backing from unions Unite and GMB has won right to contest Southport for Labour for a third time. Liz Savage, who stood for the party in the Merseyside seat in 2015 and 2017, last night saw off the challenge of local councillors and other trade union activists. She was on an all-women shortlist of five, as revealed on LabourList yesterday, and now aims to take the Labour target seat at the third attempt. The other […]

John McDonnell: Chancellor must reverse £5bn bank giveaway to fund help for kids

8th December, 2017 9:30 am 0 comments

This is the letter sent by John McDonnell to all council leaders today in the run-up to Labour’s campaign on the finance bill next week. Ahead of last month’s Budget, the chancellor was warned of the scale of the current crisis within local government, which is particularly acute within our children’s services. Despite the representations made to the chancellor by many of you, independent bodies, practitioners within the sector and the Labour Party in parliament, no additional money was allocated […]

Britain “complicit” in human rights abuses, Corbyn will tell United Nations

8th December, 2017 9:02 am 0 comments

The Tories’ support for Britain’s arms industry means it is “complicit” in human rights abuses, Jeremy Corbyn will say today in a landmark speech at the United Nations. The Labour leader will highlight the export of British arms to Saudi Arabia, and their subsequent use in Yemen, in a wide-ranging intervention in which he will also attack “grotesque” levels of inequality and tax avoidance. In one of the most high-profile speeches since he rose to the top of the Labour […]

Council by-elections: Labour vote soars as party retains greater London seat

8th December, 2017 8:37 am 0 comments

Labour held one council seat in Greater London last night after a huge increase in its vote. On a day of just two local authority by-elections, Jeremy Corbyn’s party raced ahead of the Tories to retain a ward in Enfield in north London. In the only other vote, in North Devon, the Lib Dems made a gain at the expense of the Tories.   Enfield Highway (Enfield) Labour hold Labour: 69.8 per cent (+23.1) Conservative: 26.7 per cent  (+7.4) Greens: […]

Holly Lynch: Fishing debate shows how Tories left us in the dark on detail of Brexit

7th December, 2017 4:19 pm 0 comments

Today’s fishing debate in the commons is an annual event ahead of the Fisheries Council in Brussels, where MPs can take stock of the current state of the industry and discuss what lies ahead. There are few areas of our national life which will be more impacted by Brexit than fishing, so it’s crucial that the government takes the right approach. A good deal could see a return of jobs to our coastal communities and a revival of the small […]

Southport: The runners and riders for popular north-west target seat

7th December, 2017 1:57 pm 0 comments

A series of experienced Labour activists will tonight battle it out for the right to take on the Tories in a key marginal in north west England. Labour officials hope Southport can be taken at the next election as Jeremy Corbyn aims to win the 64 extra seats necessary to enter Downing Street. A councillor and the PPC from the last two elections are among the shortlist as activists trade endorsements from local MPs, unions and celebrities with roots on […]


  • Featured News Seats and Selections Unions LGBT Labour campaigner picked to take on Tory banker in Essex target seat

    LGBT Labour campaigner picked to take on Tory banker in Essex target seat

    A trade unionist and LGBT campaigner has been selected for an Essex target seat to take on a Tory former banker. Ashley Dalton was chosen to fight Rochford and Southend East, the seat in which she stood in June, when she slashed the majority of James Duddridge. Dalton, a council officer, is a member of the executive of LGBT Labour and a volunteer with Macmillan Cancer Support as well as being a member of Unison. At the last election she […]

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  • Featured News Seats and Selections Labour picks child poverty expert to unseat Tory Brexiteer Philip Davies

    Labour picks child poverty expert to unseat Tory Brexiteer Philip Davies

    An academic and child poverty activist has won the selection to be Labour’s candidate in a former Tory stronghold which Jeremy Corbyn now aims to take as part of his route to Downing Street. Jo Pike was selected for Shipley in west Yorkshire, where Philip Davies’ majority was cut to 4,681 in June, from nearly 10,000 in 2015. Pike, a lecturer at Leeds Beckett university, appears to be a strong supporter of Corbyn, based on the images of the Labour […]

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  • Comment Europe Featured Neena Gill: Corbyn was right about bankers’ pay – now it’s time to give women the rewards they deserve

    Neena Gill: Corbyn was right about bankers’ pay – now it’s time to give women the rewards they deserve

    Some of Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas pass through the same three stages that Schopenhauer said applied to all truths. Firstly, they are dismissed. Secondly, they are violently opposed. And thirdly, they are accepted as self-evident. Before the last general election was announced, the Labour leader called for a wage cap on bosses of government contractors. He said executives should earn a maximum of 20 times the wage of their lowest paid worker: likely about £350,000. At the time, critics scoffed that […]

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  • Featured News Rise of the robots will not mean wave of job losses, says Tom Watson

    Rise of the robots will not mean wave of job losses, says Tom Watson

    Robots can “set us free”, Tom Watson said today as he joined forces with influential left-leaning economists to launch a heavyweight report designed to dispel fears that technology will lead to millions of job losses. Labour’s deputy leader said the “march of the robots” is unlikely to lead to mass unemployment and makes a series of recommendations on how technological advances can lead to “greater economic benefits for a greater number of people”. Watson, co-chair of the independent commission on the […]

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  • Featured News Corbyn accuses Tories of “failing” the survivors of Grenfell Tower disaster

    Corbyn accuses Tories of “failing” the survivors of Grenfell Tower disaster

    Labour has renewed its attack on the Tories over the Grenfell Tower tragedy by describing the failure to rehouse survivors as a “disgrace”. Jeremy Corbyn spoke out today as the six month anniversary of the disaster, in which 71 people died, approaches on Thursday. Corbyn said ministers were “failing” the residents who escaped from the inferno, which struck on June 14. His intervention came as The Times reported that far-left groups, such as the Socialist Workers’ Party, had made a […]

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