Council by-elections: Labour wins in London and Essex as Tories lose seats

22nd June, 2018 8:56 am 0 comments

Labour won a seat from UKIP and held two other seats with increased vote share in the latest round of council by-elections. In the eleven contests held yesterday, Labour made a gain in Basildon’s Pitsea South East ward, Essex. Traditionally a Tory-Labour marginal, it became a three-way marginal following the rise of UKIP in 2012, according to Andrew Teale of Britain Elects. Last night Labour’s Andrew Ansell won a tight race with 46.1 per cent of the vote against the Tory candidate’s 45.6 […]

This week has shown Theresa May’s nasty party is ruthless but vulnerable

21st June, 2018 4:54 pm 0 comments

This week saw the Conservative Party revert to type as the ‘nasty party’. Forcing Naz Shah MP to vote in a wheelchair clutching a sick bowl on her lap echoed what the Tories did in 1950-51. Facing a Labour government down to a majority of only five, they forced Labour MPs to come to Westminster in ambulances and vote by being pushed on hospital trollies. The Tories smelled power, and won the election of 1951 with a comfortable majority. They are […]

Podcast: LabourList and The New Statesman

21st June, 2018 4:02 pm 0 comments

This week, LabourList editor Sienna Rodgers joined special correspondent Stephen Bush on the New Statesman podcast to discuss Theresa May’s ‘Brexit dividend’ for the NHS, Labour’s NEC elections and why Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a free vote on Heathrow expansion. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Yasmin Qureshi: Our justice system is being brought to its knees by Tory cuts

21st June, 2018 11:06 am 0 comments

You may not know, but the government is undertaking a substantial courts reform program that will fundamentally change the way justice is delivered in this country. Yesterday, the government’s Courts and Tribunals Bill was debated in parliament. This bill ought to be a chance for parliament to finally have its say on a £1bn plan to transfer more court hearings online or operating them through remote video-links. Yet, disappointingly, the bill does not address the significant changes being made to […]

Should pro-EU campaigners pressure Labour over Brexit – and if so, how?

21st June, 2018 10:45 am 0 comments

Another seismic Brexit vote promised, another disappointing outcome produced. In the run-up to yesterday afternoon, when the ping pong between the Commons and the Lords meant MPs were voting on the ‘meaningful vote’ proposal for a second time, Westminster was anxious and excited for what was expected to be a close result. Alas, Theresa May somehow managed yet again to quash a rebellion. The ‘meaningful vote’ amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which could have given MPs the power to […]

Mike Gapes: Learn from history – join me on the March for a People’s Vote

21st June, 2018 8:16 am 0 comments

From its very foundation, Labour was established as a people’s party that would give voice to those excluded from power, wealth and opportunity by the elite and entrenched special interests. To create this new party, trade unionists joined with Fabian reformists and social democrats. We were not like the Tories and the Liberals, founded as organisations to support those who were already in parliament. The world has changed fundamentally since our party’s founding conference in 1900. Then only a minority […]

Naz Shah forced to vote in wheelchair due to Tory whips

20th June, 2018 4:51 pm 0 comments

Labour MP Naz Shah was forced to vote in a wheelchair today after Tory whips refused to follow parliamentary convention. Whips customarily ‘nod through’ ill MPs who are not well enough to vote in the lobby. But in a crucial Brexit vote this afternoon, Conservatives chose to “play dirty” in the words of one Labour source. As Shah was wheeled into the Chamber with a sick bowl on her lap, Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour MPs expressed concern about her wellbeing. […]

Labour is stronger united – that’s why we founded Labour Future

20th June, 2018 4:15 pm 0 comments

Labour Future is a campaign group set up by a small team of dedicated and passionate Labour supporters. Our group is chaired by outstanding lifetime Labour member, supporter and substantial party donor John Mills. He is a bastion of Labour politics, having served as a Labour councillor for 35 years, stood for two parliamentary elections and led the Labour Euro Safeguards campaign. Mills was critical in stopping the UK, under Tony Blair, from joining the Euro, which would have been […]

Labour urges members to vote for NEC by email ballot

20th June, 2018 2:32 pm 0 comments

Today Jennie Formby has contacted Labour members asking them to vote for members of the party’s ruling body via online ballot. The general secretary says voting online would “save the party money” and “save paper”. It comes after a discussion was held in May’s NEC meeting in which members debated whether to send out email ballots or paper ballots. NEC members ultimately settled on a compromise whereby the party would ask members their preference and some could opt out of receiving […]

PMQs: Lisa Nandy says ministers withheld Northern Rail chaos information

20th June, 2018 1:05 pm 0 comments

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, Labour MP Lisa Nandy said leaked emails show government ministers ignored warnings of Northern Rail chaos two years ago. The MP for Wigan said the emails showed officials discussing how to handle public relations. “Propagate the myth that the service is closing entirely, then people will rejoice at the news that it is merely being diverted,” reads one email. “Passengers in the north of England have had enough” says @lisanandy who waves leaked government emails […]


  • Europe Featured News Open Labour unanimously backs full debate on Brexit at party conference

    Open Labour unanimously backs full debate on Brexit at party conference

    Open Labour held its annual conference on Saturday, which focussed on the Left’s future relationship with Europe. The meeting saw the soft left pressure group unanimously vote in favour of a full debate on Brexit at Labour Party conference in September. Although the motion that passed noted “the difficult situation not just of Labour’s front bench, but also of its MPs”, it resolved to undertake “a roadshow type campaign” across the country and support a party conference debate. The move echoes […]

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  • Comment Europe Featured Peter Kyle: Brexit is a big deal – but it is not a done deal

    Peter Kyle: Brexit is a big deal – but it is not a done deal

    Collective action, solidarity, power in a Union. These are the bedrock principles upon which the Labour Party was built, and these were the values on display at Saturday’s March for a People’s Vote when more than 100,000 people took to the streets to demand their democratic right to have their say on the final Brexit deal. It was a wonderful, good-tempered display of grassroots power and demonstrated visibly to the whole country (and, for that matter, the rest of the […]

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  • Featured News Labour holds ‘Rail Mayhem’ campaign day against failed privatisation

    Labour holds ‘Rail Mayhem’ campaign day against failed privatisation

    It’s a campaign day! Today activists across the country will hand out leaflets to commuters as Labour holds a ‘Rail Mayhem’ day, which marks the first working day that the East Coast line returns to public control. The party hopes to highlight Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s failings, specifically his dismal management of the railways. Many on the left have been celebrating the ‘renationalisation’ of East Coast without realising that public control is only temporary and the Department for Transport is set […]

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  • Europe Featured News Corbynites launch pro-EU Labour for a People’s Vote campaign

    Corbynites launch pro-EU Labour for a People’s Vote campaign

    Today key left-wing figures call for another referendum on Brexit as party activists launch Labour for a People’s Vote campaign. Supporters of the new movement include Ann Pettifor, an adviser to John McDonnell, the TSSA’s Manuel Cortes and Momentum activist Michael Chessum. The campaign has already got members in over 60 constituency Labour parties (CLPs) vowing to submit its motion for debate, and expects many more to join as the movement becomes public. Those involved are almost all on the left of the […]

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  • Comment Featured Why non-factional members are supporting Ann Black for the NEC

    Why non-factional members are supporting Ann Black for the NEC

    You’d be forgiven for thinking the Labour Party can be divided simply into the two camps that tend to dominate our internal affairs discourse. For the current NEC elections, on the left, there’s Momentum with Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) and Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA), and towards the centre, Progress and Labour First. But there is a growing number of middle-of-the-road members paying their annual subs, socialists appreciative of the leftward shift catalysed by the consecutive elections of Jeremy Corbyn yet […]

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