Ian Lavery backs Burnham for leader

14th May, 2015 10:23 am

Ian Lavery the MP for Wansbeck has said that he will be backing Andy Burnham to be Labour’s new leader.


Earlier this week we reported that some within the party were talking up the possibility of Lavery himself standing for leader. He said that a number of people from across the country had asked him to do so – noting that there is a significant amount of support for the party to elect a working class leader. However, he has now ruled himself out as a possible candidate.

Yesterday Shadow Health Secretary, Burnham announced he would be standing. Joining him so far in this race are, Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, Liz Kendall,  Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna, and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

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  • swatnan

    Wish some of the other contenders with zilch chances of winning would rule themselves out right now, and stop grandstanding and wasting our time.

  • James Moore

    I would have liked to seen him stand if only to ensure there was a choice of candidates from all sections of the party – but I guess the parliamentary numbers didn’t add up.

  • Alecto

    Very disappointing to lose another real alternative, especially in a way that only lends strength to the dull establishment candidates who seem determined to learn nothing. Perhaps he simply couldn’t gather enough support to stand.

  • Martinete

    Sorry but with Mid Staffs happening on his watch, Yvette Cooper has the least amount of baggage. I’ll be backing her.

    • Matty

      The scandal at Mid-Staffs was known about in 2008. Burnham became Health Minister in 2009. It didn’t happen under his watch. This is just desperate Tory smearing.

      • reformist lickspittle

        This is true, but Burnham needs to nail it once and for all in the next few weeks and months. The thought of Hamface (and his successor) gleefully reciting “1500 deaths/people drinking out of vases” at every PMQs for the next five years (neither of these things are actually true, of course, but that doesn’t matter – if last week demonstrated anything, it is that “post truth politics” currently rules) is genuinely too hideous to even contemplate. It would be “the mess we inherited/Labour caused the worldwide financial crash/maxed out the national credit card/NO MONEY LEFT!” on steroids.

        If he *can* do that, then I’ll probably vote for him. Kendall was showing signs of promise, but reverted last night to her Blairite comfort zone – and was unconvincing with it.

        • Brumanuensis

          “The thought of Hamface (and his successor) gleefully reciting “1500 deaths/people drinking out of vases” at every PMQs for the next five years”

          The easiest rebuttal is just to quote the Francis Inquiry and the subsequent case reviews, both of which are effective rebuttals to those ridiculous assertions.

    • bevinboy

      The big disadvantage she has is her husband. It ought not to be like that but for the voters we need to capture it probably will be. Too high risk.

      I remain of the opinion that anyone contaminated by the Brown years of financial mismanagement and stupidly easy money, just will not do.

      Remember those jeers for Ed Miliband on Question Time and keep remembering them.

      A clean break with the past and absolute honesty about Brown and all his works, with, when Chilcott comes out, honesty about Blair too.

      • reformist lickspittle

        Yes, Ed B has always been the “elephant in the room”for Yvette.

        That doesn’t stop being so just because he is no longer an MP.

    • Brumanuensis

      “Sorry but with Mid Staffs happening on his watch”

      You do realise that’s completely untrue, right?

  • new_number_2

    That’s a shame. It seems there won’t be a left wing candidate this time around – the Blairites have made sure of that.

    • Jess

      Yes, the Blairites toxic legacy rolls on much to the detriment of this country.

    • reformist lickspittle

      Burnham will be the lefts favoured candidate this time round, it seems.

      I am OK with that.

      • Alecto

        It does seem that with being the foremost establishment candidate, and the left favoured one, Burnham might have it just about in the bag. Rather him than the others at the moment, but far from convinced he can win in 2020.


      Burnham was unimpressive in the election on health when there was masses of material available. However the whole shadow cabinet was unimpressive on Labour’s economic performance in the election. Time to take the attack to the alleged Tory strength on the economy – long term economic plan my derrière!

  • labour leader

    Owen Smith would make a great Labour leader – charismatic, left leaning and not from london

    • reformist lickspittle

      His performance in the Welsh “leaders debate” suggests otherwise, sadly.

      It may even have cost Labour seats 🙁

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Lavery would have been an excellent leader of the Labour Party. The party as a whole needs to promote and listen to its working class voices within the PLP. The loss of working class support to the perceived anti-austerity of SNP and Greens, as well as the loss of working class support to the perceived economic populism of Ukip must be reversed. This is where Labour’s working class voices come in.


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