Council by-elections final results: Labour make gains at expense of Tories and UKIP

4th August, 2017 12:05 pm

Labour made a net gain of two seats at the end of a night of council by-elections when the UKIP vote slumped.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party won a total of three seats from the Tories and UKIP on the south coast, held one in Leicestershire but also lost one from its possession to Theresa May’s party in East Anglia.

Six wards were contested in total.

Overall Labour won seats in Thanet and Swale, both in Kent, and Worthing in Sussex, retained a ward in Charnwood but was unable to fend off the Tory attack in King’s Lynn.

Some elections were held in two member wards in which Labour defended a seat from second place. The results were provided by BritainElects.

Margate Central (Thanet)

Labour gain from UKIP.

Labour 57.5 per cent (+23.7)

Conservative 24.1 per cent (+3.6)

UKIP 6.6 per cent (-25.2)

Lib Dems 4.2 per cent

Independent 3 per cent

Greens 2.9 per cent (-8.6)

Independent 1.6 per cent


Milton Regis (Swale)

Labour gain from UKIP.

Labour 53.8 per cent (+25.1)

Conservative 23.9 per cent (-9.8)

UKIP 14.2 per cent (-14.7)

Lib Dems 8.1 per cent (-0.5)


Penshurst, Fordcombe and Chiddingstone (Sevenoaks)

Conservative hold.

Conservative 58.8 per cent (+5.5)

Lib Dems 34 per cent (+0.2)

Labour 7.2 per cent (+7.2)


Marine (Worthing)

Labour gain from Conservative

Labour 47.4 per cent (+27.8)

Conservative 38.8 per cent (-6.4)

Lib Dems 11.3 per cent (+1.1)

Greens 2.5 per cent (-6.2)


St Margaret’s with St Nicholas (King’s Lynn)

Conservative gain from Labour

Conservative 36.2 per cent (-6.6)

Labour 30 per cent (-3.1)

Lib Dems 24.7 per cent (+24.7)

Greens 9 per cent (-15.1)


Loughborough Shelthorpe (Charnwood)

Labour hold

Labour 45.5 per cent (+5.8)

Conservative 45.2 per cent (+0.1)

Lib Dems 7.1 per cent (+7.1)

UKIP 2.2 per cent (+2.2)

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