WATCH: “We have been lied to on Brexit,” says Faiza Shaheen

Faiza Shaheen, director of thinktank CLASS and a Corbynite selected parliamentary candidate, told BBC Question Time audience members that the country had been “lied to quite severely on Brexit”.

“We’ve just gone round and round in circles. It strikes me that we have been lied to quite severely on Brexit about what was possible,” Shaheen said.

“We were told it would be really easy to get a trade deal, that we would be able to get rid of bureaucracy… that we wouldn’t have to pay into the EU anymore… It’s quite clear that what we were told is either not possible… or this government is incredibly incompetent.”

The Labour PPC added that other issues such as schools, health and transport had been neglected as a result of the focus on Brexit.

Commenting on Britain’s economy and the global financial crisis, Shaheen also said “the banks got bailed out, the rest of us got sold”.

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