Labour tables Brexit amendment to stop PM “running down the clock”

Labour has tabled a Brexit amendment that aims to “stop the government from running down the clock” and prevent the “blackmail” of MPs.

It does this by requiring the government to hold another meaningful vote or allow parliament to take control of the process should the Prime Minister have failed to secure support for a deal before February 26th.

If selected by the Speaker, which is likely, it will passed or defeated on Thursday evening, when the House of Commons is due to consider the government’s latest neutral amendable motion.

Jeremy Corbyn commented: “This amendment would stop the government from running down the clock on the Brexit negotiations, hoping MPs can be blackmailed into supporting a botched deal.

“This is an act of gross irresponsibility. The Prime Minister is playing for time and playing with people’s jobs, our economic security and the future of our industry.

“This week parliament should set a clear deadline for the government to come forward with its revised deal or give MPs the chance to decide what happens next.”

The full text of the amendment:

         Leave out from “House” to end and add “requires by 27 February 2019 a Minister of the Crown either (a) to move another motion under Section 13(1)(b) of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 or (b) to make a written statement declaring that there is no longer an agreement in principle in the negotiations with the European Union and to move by that date an amendable motion on how the Government proposes to proceed.”

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