UNISON launches ‘Your vote can save the NHS’ campaign

Emphasising that the upcoming general election must be about more than just Brexit, UNISON has launched a campaign around the idea that “Your vote can save the NHS”.

The UK trade union, which represents public service and utilities workers and serves more than 1.3 million members, has put out a video that highlights the difficulty that many now experience in getting a GP appointment.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Nine years of Tory cuts have ravaged the NHS, with decisions made in Westminster affecting families’ daily lives across the country.

“Hospitals with ambulances stacked up outside have huge staff vacancies and hard-working employees are frazzled trying to fill the gaps, while patients face long waiting times in A&E when they can’t get a GP appointment.”

He added: “When walking into polling stations next week, people should think about the NHS and the improvements that are desperately needed.”

Urging people to “vote on 12 December to save the NHS, schools, public services and social care”, UNISON will also have ad vans driving across the country over the weekend.

The vans will be emblazoned with messages that offer statistics related to the state of the NHS under the Tories, from 10,000 fewer doctors to cancelled operations and longer waiting times.

One poster also calls attention to the relationship between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, and asks whether the two leaders have “just done the UK’s biggest drug deal”.

It comes after Jeremy Corbyn raised concerns about the possibility that US pharmaceutical companies could significantly increase the prices of live-saving drugs after Brexit, making them unaffordable for the NHS.

“We represent people working all across the public sector, and they tell us that the last 10 years have been grim. It’s not just the NHS, it’s schools, councils, police and more that are also suffering from devastating cuts,” UNISON says.

“Your vote can make sure that the voices of the hard-working people delivering public services are heard. The Conservatives are destroying our NHS. This can’t go on.”

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